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title: Cloud (Beta) Usage Agreement slug: usage-agreement

This agreement, in its current form, applies to those participating in the CSC Cloud Beta. This agreement may change at any time, with notice, during the beta period and may change prior to general availability.


The use of this system is governed by the Computer Science Club's Machine Usage Agreement and Code of Conduct. Please take the time to review these documents before using this system. The Computer Science Club Executive and Systems Committee are responsible for enforcing these policies.

This agreement is supplemental to the Machine Usage Agreement. It acts primarily to emphasize certain points, but may add additional policies specific to the Computer Science Club Cloud.


You may use this service for any purpose, except:

  1. Commericial purposes (ex. ads, your startup, etc.)
  2. Violation of any usage agreement, University policy, or law


You may only use this service if:

  1. Your membership is current, or
  2. If you are a club representative, where use is for club purposes only


Under no circumstances shall unsolicited (ie. spam) email be sent using this service.

Service Level Agreement


The Computer Science Club makes no guarantee of availability of the service.

We will do our best to keep the service available at all times, and provide advanced notice of service.

Data Integrity

The Computer Science Club makes no guarantee of data integrity.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have appropriate backups of all data stored on the service. We are not responsible for any lost data whatsoever.

Auditing and Logging

The Computer Science Club Systems Committee keeps records ("logs") on the service to:

  1. Collect and store diagnostic information to aid in debugging hardware and software issues;
  2. Document manchine usage and activity;
  3. Refer to for auditing purposes.

Network Address Translation

The Computer Science Club uses Network Address Translation on IPv4 to allow access to off-campus resources. All translations performed are logged with source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port and timestamps indicating the start and end of the translation.

Use of Records

The logs contain records of user and machine activity. The Systems Committee reserves the right to share these records with the University or local law enforcement as required.

User Agreement

I have read and understood the usage agreement of 16 August 2017, and I agreee that my usage of the Computer Science Club will be in accordance with this policy. I understand that I am responsible for all actions performed from my account (or the services attached to it). Furthermore, I accept full legal responsibility for all of the actions that I commit using the Computer Science Club Cloud according to any and all applicable laws.