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Use the script, available at

Option 2

1. LDAP Configuration

A userPassword property must be added to a user's LDAP object before they can successfully authenticate against our cloud environment.

  1. Open ldapvi ldapvi -Y GSSAPI
  2. Find the user, and add: userPassword: {SASL}<username>@CSCLUB.UWATERLOO.CA
  3. Quit your editor
  4. Type y to perform the changes

2. Add user project

All members will be assigned their own project. All instructions are executed using the OpenStack command line client.

  1. openstack project create --domain csclub <username>
  2. openstack role --project <username> --user <username> user

Appendix A: OpenStack Environment Variables

export OS_USERNAME=<username>
export OS_PASSWORD=<password>
export OS_PROJECT_NAME=csc
export OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME=csclub
export OS_AUTH_URL=

NOTE: To control your project, change OS_PROJECT_NAME to your username.