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CD or DVD should you so choose.
<mediaitem title="PMAMC&amp;OC SASMS - Spring 2007" buttons="true">
<mediaitem title="PMAMC&amp;OC SASMS - Spring 2007">
<mediafile file="pmc-sasms-spring-2007.avi" type="XviD" size="643M" />
<mediafile file="pmc-sasms-spring-2007.ogg" type="OGG/Theora" size="598M" />
<mediafile file="pmc-sasms-spring-2007.ogg" type="Ogg/Theora" size="598M" />
<mediafile file="pmc-sasms-spring-2007.mp4" type="MP4" size="625M" />
<mediafile file="pmc-sasms-spring-2007.mpg" type="MPG" size="641M" />
<flvfile file="pmc-sasms-spring-2007.flv" />
<mediaitem title="Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks" buttons="true">
<mediaitem title="Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks">
Copyright developed in the age of the printing press, and was designed
to fit with the system of centralized copying imposed by the printing
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This talk by Richard M. Stallman is broken into two parts: the main talk
and the question and answer sessions following the talk. Both are
available in only OGG/Theora format in keeping with Stallman's wishes. They
available in only Ogg/Theora format in keeping with Stallman's wishes. They
are available under the <a href="">
Creative Commons NoDerivs 1.0</a> license.
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<li> If most of the computing industry and the US Copyright Board don't disagree with your views on copyright, how come no one has gone to change things? </li>
<mediafile file="rms-talk.ogg" type="Talk (OGG/Theora)" size="687M" />
<mediafile file="rms-qa.ogg" type="Q&amp;A (OGG/Theora)" size="225M" />
<mediafile file="rms-talk.ogg" type="Talk (Ogg/Theora)" size="687M" />
<mediafile file="rms-qa.ogg" type="Q&amp;A (Ogg/Theora)" size="225M" />
<mediaitem title="Usability in the Wild">
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The slides from the talk are available here: <a href="">ingimp_uw_csc_talk_6_27_2007.pdf</a>.
<mediafile file="mterry2.avi" type="XviD" size="521M" />
<mediafile file="mterry2.ogg" type="OGG/Theora" size="535M" />
<mediafile file="mterry2.ogg" type="Ogg/Theora" size="535M" />
<mediafile file="mterry2.mp4" type="MP4" size="509M" />
<mediafile file="mterry2.mpg" type="MPG" size="520M" />
<flvfile file="mterry2.flv" preview="mterry2.png" />
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<mediafile file="ralph-stanton.avi" type="XviD" />
<mediafile file="ralph-stanton-xvid.avi" type="DivX" />
<mediafile file="ralph-stanton.ogg" type="OGG" />
<mediafile file="ralph-stanton.ogg" type="Ogg" />
<mediafile file="ralph-stanton.mpg" type="MPG" />
<flvfile file="ralph-stanton.flv" />
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<mediafile file="the-prof-graphics.avi" type="DivX" size="272M" />
<mediafile file="the-prof-graphics-xvid.avi" type="XviD" size="272M" />
<mediafile file="the-prof-graphics.mpg" type="MPG" size="272M" />
<mediafile file="the-prof-graphics.ogg" type="OGG/Theora" size="274M"/>
<mediafile file="the-prof-graphics.ogg" type="Ogg/Theora" size="274M"/>
<mediaitem title="UW Software Start-ups: What Worked and What Did Not">
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<mediafile file="larry-smith-talk2.avi" type="DivX" size="332M" />
<mediafile file="larry-smith-talk2-xvid.avi" type="XviD" size="332M" />
<mediafile file="larry-smith-talk2.mpg" type="MPG" size="332M" />
<mediafile file="larry-smith-talk2.ogg" type="OGG/Theora" size="341M"/>
<mediafile file="larry-smith-talk2.ogg" type="Ogg/Theora" size="341M"/>
<mediaitem title="Riding The Multi-core Revolution">
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<mediafile file="sdt.avi" type="DivX" size="406M" />
<mediafile file="sdt-xvid.avi" type="XviD" size="406M" />
<mediafile file="sdt.mpg" type="MPG" size="405M" />
<mediafile file="sdt.ogg" type="OGG/Theora" size="411M" />
<mediafile file="sdt.ogg" type="Ogg/Theora" size="411M" />
<flvfile file="sdt.flv" />
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<mediafile file="alex-ionescu.avi" type="DivX" size="451M" />
<mediafile file="alex-ionescu-xvid.avi" type="XviD" size="451M" />
<mediafile file="alex-ionescu.mpg" type="MPG" size="450M" />
<mediafile file="alex-ionescu.ogg" type="OGG/Theora" size="461M" />
<mediafile file="alex-ionescu.ogg" type="Ogg/Theora" size="461M" />
<flvfile file="alex-ionescu.flv" />
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<mediafile file="cormack-spam-xvid.avi" type="XviD" size="473M" />
<mediafile file="cormack-spam.avi" type="DiVX" size="473M" />
<mediafile file="cormack-spam.mpg" type="MPG" size="472M" />
<mediafile file="cormack-spam.ogg" type="OGG/Theora" size="481M" />
<mediafile file="cormack-spam.ogg" type="Ogg/Theora" size="481M" />
<flvfile file="cormack-spam.flv" />
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<mediafile file="larry-killer-applications.avi" size="686M" type="DiVX" />
<mediafile file="larry-killer-applications-xvid.avi" size="686M" type="XviD" />
<mediafile file="larry-killer-applications.mpg" size="685M" type="MPG" />
<mediafile file="larry-killer-applications.ogg" size="706M" type="OGG" />
<mediafile file="larry-killer-applications.ogg" size="706M" type="Ogg" />
<mediaitem title="Larry Smith: Computing's Next Great Empires">
<mediafile file="larry-smith-talk.ogg" type="OGG" />
<mediafile file="larry-smith-talk.ogg" type="Ogg" />
<mediafile file="larry-smith-talk.mp3" type="MP3" />
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free/open-source software.
<mediafile file="rico.avi" type="XviD" size="534M" />
<mediafile file="rico.ogg" type="OGG/Theora" size="528M" />
<mediafile file="rico.ogg" type="Ogg/Theora" size="528M" />
<mediafile file="rico.mp4" type="MP4" size="507M" />
<mediafile file="rico.mpg" type="MPG" size="532M" />
<flvfile file="rico.flv" />

@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ have the developement tools!), or just watch the funny lights on the front of it
<newsitem author="zbnichol" date="2004-05-31">
Audio has been added for the Larry Smith talk: Computing's Next Great
Empires. It is available <a href="/files/larry-smith-talk.ogg">in OGG
Empires. It is available <a href="/files/larry-smith-talk.ogg">in Ogg
format</a> or <a href="/files/larry-smith-talk.mp3">in MP3 format</a>.
Thanks to all who came out. The talk was a great success.