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<eventitem date="2002-10-01" time="6:30 PM-9:30 PM" room="The Bomber"
title="Pints with the Profs">
<abstract>No abstract available yet.</abstract>
<h3>Get to know your profs and be the envy of your friends!</h3>
<p>Come out and meet your professors. This is a great opportunity to
meet professors for Undergraduate Research jobs or to find out who you might
have for future courses.</p>
<p>Profs who have confirmed their attendance are:</p>
<li>Troy Vasiga, School of Computer Science</li>
<li>J.P. Pretti, St. Jerome's and School of Computer Science</li>
<li>Michael McCool, School of Computer Science, CGL</li>
<li>Martin Karsten, School of Computer Science, BBCR</li>
<li>Gisli Hjaltason, School of Computer Science, DB</li>
<p>There will also be...</p>
<li>Free Food</li>
<li>Free Food</li>
<li>Free Food</li>
<eventitem date="2002-10-05" time="5:30 PM" room="MC3006"