Added event 'Unix 101' for Winter 2011.

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<!-- Winter 2011 -->
<eventitem date="2011-01-26" time="04:30 PM" room="MC3003" title="UNIX 101: An Introduction to the Shell">
<short><p><i>by Calum T. Dalek</i>. New to Unix? No problem, we'll teach you to power use circles around your friends!
<abstract><p>This first tutorial is an introduction to the Unix shell environment, both on the student
servers and on other Unix environments. Topics covered include: using the shell, both basic
interaction and advanced topics like scripting and job control, the filesystem and manipulating
it, and ssh. If you feel you're already familiar with these topics don't hesitate to come
to Unix 102 to learn about documents, editing, and other related tasks, or watch out
for Unix 103 and 104 that get much more in depth into power programming tools on Unix.
<!-- Fall 2010 -->
<eventitem date="2010-11-17" time="04:30 PM" room="MC4061" title="Mathematics and aesthetics in maze design">

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<newsitem author="m4burns" date="2011-01-24">
Upcoming events:
<li>UNIX 101: An Introduction to the Shell
Want to be a UNIX master? Drop by MC3003 at 4:30PM on Wednesday, January 26th!</li>
<newsitem author="scshunt" date="2011-01-12">
The election is over. The new executive are