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<!-- Winter 2009 -->
<eventitem date="2009-04-02" time="4:30 PM" room="DC1302" title="Rapid prototyping and mathematical art">
<short><p>A talk by Craig S. Kaplan.</p></short>
<abstract><p>The combination of computer graphics, geometry, and rapid
prototyping technology has created a wide range of exciting
opportunities for using the computer as a medium for creative
expression. In this talk, I will describe the most popular
technologies for computer-aided manufacturing, discuss
applications of these devices in art and design, and survey
the work of contemporary artists working in the area (with a
focus on mathematical art). The talk will be primarily
non-technical, but I will mention some of the mathematical
and computational techniques that come into play.
<eventitem date="2009-04-03" time="6:00 PM" edate="2009-04-04"
etime="6:00 AM" room="TBA" title="CTRL-D">