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<!-- Winter 2004 -->
<eventitem date="2004-02-18" time="7:00 PM"
room="DC2305" title="KW Perl Mongers">
<short>Perl Modules: A look under the hood</short>
<p>In Perl, a module is the basic unit of code-reuse. The talk will be
mostly a look into GD::Text::Arc, a module written to draw TrueType text
around the edge of a circle. The talk will consider:</p>
<li>using and writing object-oriented perl code</li>
<li>the Virtue of Laziness: or, reusing other peoples' code.</li>
<li>writing tests while coding</li>
<li>beer coasters</li>
<eventitem date="2004-02-05" time="3:30 PM"
room="MC4041" title="Constitutional Change">
<short>Vote to change the CSC Constitution</short>
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<eventitem date="2004-01-12" time="3:00 PM"
room="DC1301" title="InstallFest">
<short>See <a href=""></a></short>
<p>An Installfest is an opportunity to install software on your computer.
People come with computers. Other people come with experience. The people
get together and (when all goes well) everybody leaves satisfied.</p>
<p>You are invited to our first installfest of the year. Come to get some
software or to learn more about Open Source Software and why it is relevant
to your life. The event is free, but you may want to bring blank CDs and/or
money to purchase some open source action for your computer at home.</p>
<p>See the <a href="">UW-DIG
website</a> for more details.</p>
<!-- Fall 2003 -->
<eventitem date="2003-12-01" time="7:00 PM"