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<eventitem date="2002-09-30" time="6:30 PM" room="Comfy lounge, MC3001"
title="Business Meeting">
<short>Vote on a constitutional change.</short>
The executive has unanimously decided to try to change our
constitution to comply with MathSoc policy. The clause we are trying
to change is the membership clause. The following is the proposed new
reading of the clause.
In compliance with MathSoc regulations and in recognition of
the club being primarily targeted at undergraduate students, full
membership is open to all undergraduate students in the Faculty of
Mathematics and restricted to the same.</i>
The proposed change is illustrated <a
a web page</a>.
There will be a business meeting on 30 Sept 2002 at 18:30 in
the comfy lounge, MC 3001. Please come and vote
<eventitem date="2002-09-26" time="5:30 PM" room="MC3006"
title="UNIX 101">
<short>First Steps with UNIX</short>