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<!-- Fall 2009 -->
<eventitem date="2009-10-01" time="4:30 PM" room="MC3003" title="UNIX 102">
<short><p>The next installment in the CS Club's popular Unix tutorials UNIX 102 introduces powerful text editing tools for programming and document formatting.
<abstract><p>Unix 102 is a follow up to Unix 101, requiring basic knowledge of the shell.
If you missed Unix101 but still know your way around you should be fine.
Topics covered include: "real" editors, document typesetting with LaTeX
(great for assignments!), bulk editing, spellchecking, and printing in the
student environment and elsewhere.
</p><p>If you aren't interested or feel comfortable with these taskes, watch out for
Unix 103 and 104 to get more depth in power programming tools on Unix.
<eventitem date="2009-09-28" time="4:30 PM" edate="2009-10-09" etime="11:59 OM" room="MC3003" title="AI Programming Contest sponsored by Google">
<short><p>Come learn how to write an intelligent game-playing program.