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<li>The <a href="">Fireball V90</a> is an inexpensive CNC router kit that would be fun for home hobby applications. For extra geek points, it has a mount designed to hold a dremel.</li>
<li>Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories created <a href="">CandyFab</a>, a (low resolution) 3D printer that produces edible candy as output.</li>
<li>The <a href="">Aims to design a 3D printer
<li>The <a href="">reprap</a> Aims to design a 3D printer
capable of manufacturing a complete copy of itself.</li>
<li><a href="">Shapeways</a> is essentially
a 3D version of;an online 3D printing service
a 3D version of online 3D printing service
bureau where you can set up a shop to sell your work.</li>
<li>Bathsheba Grossman has her metal sculptures printed by
<a href="">Ex One's Prometal</a> service.</li>