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CD or DVD should you so choose.
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<mediaitem title="Racket's Magical Match">
Come learn how to use the power of the Racket match construct to make
your code easier to read, less bug-prone and overall more awesome!
Theo Belaire, a fourth-year CS student, will show you the basics of how
this amazing function works, and help you get your feet wet with some
code examples and advanced use cases.
If you're interested in knowing about the more powerful features of
Racket, then this is the talk for you! The material covered is
especially useful for students in CS 241 who are writing their compiler
in Racket, or are just curious about what that might look like.
<presentor>Theo Belaire</presentor>
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<mediaitem title="Distributed File Systems">
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<presentor>Alex Tsay</presentor>
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<mediaitem title="Google Fiber: Speed is Hard">