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CD or DVD should you so choose.
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<mediaitem title="Unix 102 Spring 2017">
Finished the bash unit in CS246 and still don't see what's great about
Unix? Want to gain some more in-depth knowledge, or some less well-known
tips and tricks for using the command line? Unix 102 is the event for you!
Fatema is "kind of successful" and "knows things about Unix" and you
can be too! Topics covered will be: users, groups and permissions, ez
string manipulation, additional skills, tips and tricks.
<presentor>Fatema, Charlie</presentor>
<mediafile file="unix102-s17.mp4" type="Unix 102 Spring 2017 (mp4)" />
<thumbnail file="unix102-s17-thumb-small.jpg"/>
<mediaitem title="ALT-TAB - Manic PXE Dream Servers">
PXE stands for Pre-eXecution Environment. Fatema will talk about the
motivation for using it, examples of industry uses and a brief overview
of what it is and how it works.
<presentor>Fatema Boxwala</presentor>
<mediafile file="fatema-manic-pxe-dream-servers.mp4" type="Manic PXE Dream Servers (mp4)" />
<thumbnail file="fatema-manic-pxe-dream-servers-thumb-small.jpg"/>
<mediaitem title="Feminism in STEM - a 101 Panel">