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<!-- Spring 2010 -->
<eventitem date="2010-05-11" time="05:30 PM" room="TBA" title="Elections">
<eventitem date="2010-05-11" time="05:30 PM" room="Comfy Lounge" title="Elections">
<short><p>Spring term executive elections and general meeting.</p></short>

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<newsitem author="ebering" date="2010-05-10">
Nominations for the spring term executive are closed. Nominees are:
<li>President: Jeff Cameron (j3camero), Kevin Farnworth (kfarnwor)</li>
<li>Vice President: Brennan Taylor (b4taylor)</li>
<li>Treasurer: Vardhan Mudunuru (vmudunur)</li>
<li>Secretary: Matt Lawrence (m3lawren), Qifan Xi (qxi)</li>
Elections will occur as listed in the events section for the two contested positions. If you would like to
vote absentee, please send your votes (one vote per position) to <a href="mailto:cro@csclub.uwaterloo.ca">the
Chief Returning Officer</a> before 5:30 PM EDT on May 11, 2010.
<newsitem author="ebering" date="2010-02-01">
<h3><a href="http://contest.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/">Contest now open!</a></h3>
<p>This term's programming contest is now open. Check out <a href="http://contest.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/">the website</a>. The problem is Tron,