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<!-- Winter 2018 -->
<eventitem date="2018-03-22" time="6:00pm" room="MC 4059"
title="Prof Talk with Richard Mann">
<p>Professor Richard Mann will be giving a talk on black-box testing
of audio gear. Come out to see fancy audio gear, learn more about his
Advanced Topics course in Computational Sound, and eat free food! Click
through for his abstract.</p>
Black box testing usually refers to computer testing, either software
or hardware.
In this talk I apply similar ideas to testing analog and digital audio
gear. For example, given an audio device, such as a guitar effects pedal,
can we stimulate the system with test signals and determine what processing
is done inside?
I will present our open source testing software to test the frequency
response, time delay and distortion in audio systems. We will show several
real world testing situations, including microphones, loud speakers,
digital keyboards, digital audio mixing boards, and guitar effects pedals.
Students are encouraged to bring their own musical instruments and/or
sound processors for testing.
Finally, I will present information about my current audio course,
CS489/689 -- Advanced Topics in Computer Science -- Computational
Sound. This is a project based course, normally offered in the Winter term.
<eventitem date="2018-03-13" time="6:00pm" room="MC Comfy"
title="Discussion with maddog">