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<eventitem date="2016-01-14" time="19:00" room="MC 3001 (Comfy)"
title="Winter 2016 Elections">
Interested in Linux, but don't know where to start? Come learn some
basic topics with us including interaction with the shell, motivation
for using it, some simple commands, and more! (Cookies after)
The Computer Science Club will be holding elections for the Winter 2016
term on Thursday, January 14th in MC Comfy (MC 3001) at 19:00. During
the meeting, the president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary will
be elected, the sysadmin will be ratified, and the librarian and office
manager will be appointed.
If you'd like to run for any of these positions or nominate someone, you
can write your name on the whiteboard in the CSC office (MC 3036/3037) or
send me (Charlie) an email at Every effort will
be made to note down whiteboard nominations, but it is highly recommended
to send me an email in addition to writing on the whiteboard. You can
also deposit nominations in the CSC mailbox in MathSoc or present them to
me in person. Nominations will close at 18:00 on Wednesday, January 13th.
All members are welcome to run!
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<newsitem author="pj2melan" date="2016-01-14">
<p>Elections for Winter 2016 have concluded. The following people were elected:</p>
<li>President: Patrick Melanson (<tt>pj2melan</tt>)</li>
<li>Vice-president: Patrick Melanson (<tt>pj2melan</tt>)</li>
<li>Acting Vice-president, Chair of progcom: Theo Belaire (<tt>tbelaire</tt>)</li>
<li>Treasurer: Luqman Aden (<tt>laden</tt>)</li>
<li>Secretary: Naomi Koo (<tt>m3koo</tt>)</li>
<li>SysAdmin: Zachary Seguin (<tt>ztseguin</tt>)</li>
<li>Office Manager: Reila Zheng (<tt>wy2zheng</tt>)</li>
<li>Librarian: Felix Bauckholt (<tt>fbauckho</tt>)</li>
<li>Fridge Regent: Marc Mailhot (<tt>mnmailho</tt>)</li>
<newsitem author="kpwarr" date="2015-05-22">
<p>By-Elections for Spring 2015 have concluded. The following people were elected:</p>