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<newsitem author="s455wang" date="2019-05-16">
<p>Spring 2019 elections have concluded. Here are your executives for the term.</p>
<li>President: Uday Barar (ubarar)</li>
<li>Vice President: Rajat Malhotra (r24malho)</li>
<li>Treasurer: Raghav Sethi (r5sethi)</li>
<li>Secretary/Assistant Vice President: Bo Mo (bzmo)</li>
<li>Sysadmin: Charlie Wang (s455wang)</li>
The remaining appointed positions are
<li>Office Manager: Hannah Wong (sm7wong)</li>
<li>Librarian: Nolan Munce (nmmunce)</li>
<newsitem author="a3thakra" date="2019-02-19">
<p>There will be scheduled downtime for maintenance on many Computer Science Club servers on Thursday, February 21 beginning at 9:45 AM. Machines are expected to be up by 11:30 AM, but issues may arise that require more time to correct.</p>