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<!-- Winter 2003 -->
<eventitem date="2003-03-25" time="4:30 PM" room="MC 2065"
title="Stream Processing">
<short>Stream Processing</short>
<p>Speaker: Michael McCool</p>
<p>Stream processing is an enhanced version of SIMD processing that permits
efficient execution of conditionals and iteration. Stream processors have
many similarities to GPUs, and a hardware prototype, the Imagine processor,
has been used to implement both OpenGL and Renderman. It is possible that
GPUs will acquire certain properties of stream processors in the future,
which should make them much easier to use and more efficient for
general-purpose computation that includes data-dependent iteration and
<eventitem date="2003-03-26" time="6:00 PM" room="MC 2065"
title="Abusing The C++ Compiler">
<short>Abusing template metaprogramming in C++; aka. writing a
Mandelbrot generator that runs at compile time</short>
<p>Templates are a useful feature in C++ when it comes to writing
type-independent data structures and algorithms. But that's not all
they can be used for. Essentially it is possible to write certain
programs in C++ that execute completely at compile-time rather than
run-time. Combined with some optimisations this is an interesting
twist on regular C++ programming. </p>
<p>This talk will give a short overview of the features of templates and
then go on to describe how to "abuse" templates to perform complex
computations at compile time. The speaker will present three programs
that execute at compile time. First a factorial listing program, then
a prime listing program will be presented. Finally the talk will
conclude with the presentation of a Mandelbrot generator running at
<p>Some basic knowledge of C++ will be assumed.</p>
<eventitem date="2003-02-04" time="4:30 PM" room="MC2037"
title="Unix 101 Tutorial">
<short>Learn Unix and be the envy of your friends!</short>