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<!-- Spring 2003 -->
<eventitem date="2003-06-27" time="2:30 PM" room="DC1302"
title="Friday Flicks">
<short> SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre Showing </short>
SIGGRAPH is the ACM's Special Interest Group for Graphics and
simultaneously the world's largest graphics conference and
exhibition, where the cutting edge of graphics research is presented
every year.
With support from UW's Computer Graphics Lab, the CSC invites you to
capture a glimpse of SIGGRAPH 2002. We will be presenting the
Electronic Theatre showings from 2002, demonstrating the best of the
animated, CG-produced movies presented at SIGGRAPH.
</p><p> Don't miss this free showing!</p>
<eventitem date="2003-07-08" time="4:00 PM" room="MC2065"
title="Mainframes and Linux">
<short>A talk by Jim Elliott. Jim is responsible for IBM's in Open Source