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<!-- Fall 2009 -->
<eventitem date="2009-10-14" time="2:30 PM" room="DC1304" title="UofT Graduate School Information Session">
<short><p> "Is Graduate School for You?" Get the answers to your grad school questions - and have a bite to eat, our treat</p>
<abstract><p> Join Prof. Greg Wilson, faculty member in the Software Engineering research group in the UofT's Department of Computer Science,
as he gives insight into studying at the graduate level-what can be expected, what does UofT offer, is it right for you? Pizza and pop will
be served. <b>Come see what grad school is all about!</b>. All undergraduate students are welcome; registration is not required.</b></p>
<p>For any questions about the program, visit <a href="">UofT's website</a>. This
event is not run by the CS Club, and is announced here for the benefit of our members.</p></abstract>
<eventitem date="2009-10-03" time="10:00 AM" edate="2009-10-03" etime="3:30 PM" room="DC1301 FishBowl" title="Linux Install Fest">
<short><p>Interested in trying Linux but don't know where to start?

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<newsitem author="ebering" date="2009-09-28">
<h3>Contest Open!</h3>
<newsitem author="ebering" date="2009-10-02">
<h3>Contest Still Open!</h3>
<p>Go to <a href="">the website</a> now and get to it!</p>
<newsitem author="mgregson" date="2009-06-18">