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<newsitem author="b2coutts" date="2017-01-14">
<p>Here are the results from this term's elections:</p>
<li>President: wyscheung (Wilson Cheung)</li>
<li>Vice-President: tghume (Tristan Hume)</li>
<li>Treasurer: jxpryde (Jordan Pryde)</li>
<li>Secretary: aafata (Amir Fata)</li>
<p>Additionally, the following positions were appointed:</p>
<li>Systems Administrator: ztseguin (Zachary Seguin)</li>
<li>Office Manager: fbauckho (Felix Bauckholt)</li>
<li>Librarian: csfmurph (Connor Murphy)</li>
<li>Imapd: ischtche (Ilia Chtcherbakov)</li>
We also amended our constitution to revise our Code of Conduct. The
updated Code of Conduct can be found at
<newsitem author="ztseguin" date="2016-11-20">
<p>Due to a planned power outage in the Mathematics &amp; Computer Building on Sat. Nov 26 from 7am to 5pm, Computer Science Club systems and services will be unavailable.</p>
<p>It is expected that our Open Source Software mirror (<a href=""></a>) remain available during the outage. This is made possible with assistance from the Computer Science Computing Facility (CSCF).</p>