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<newsitem author="n3parikh" date="2018-10-29">
<p>CSC will be hosting Alt-Tab, a slightly longer version of lightning talks. It will be a night full of friendly talks during the week of November 26.</p>
<p>We need talks! Contact <a href=""></a>, with your tentative talk title and a short abstract if you would like to give a talk.
Slides are not required. Please aim for a 10-15 minute talk. I'll send an email with the list of talks closer to the date of the event.
Please send titles and abstract by November 19th.
<p>Here are some topics that our members have presented before. The titles make them seem more technical than they actually were.</p>
<li>Overview of SAT solvers</li>
<li>Communication complexity</li>
<li>Register allocation in compilers as graph colouring</li>
<li>Web application security</li>
<li>PXE booting</li>
<li>UI and UX</li>
<li>Train signalling and sensing</li>
<li>Typed Racket</li>
<li>Modern GPU architecture</li>
<li>The comment that took Stack Exchange down and the algorithm that could have saved them</li>
<li>Register Allocation With Graphs</li>
<p>There will be food.</p>
<newsitem author="ztseguin" date="2018-10-07">
<p>We have been informed of a planned power outage that will affect CSC
equipment on Oct. 9 at 11pm until Oct. 10 at 5am.</p>