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<eventitem date="2003-06-12" time="3:30 PM" room="MC3036" title="June 12 Exec Meeting">
<eventitem date="2003-06-12" time="3:30 PM" room="MC3036 CSC Office" title="June 12 Exec Meeting">
<short>Have an issue that should be brought up? We'd love to hear it!</short>
<p>To be written...</p>
Budget: All the money we requested
--No money from Pints from Profs
--MathSoc has promised us $1250
Feedback from Completed Events
UNIX Talks: 17 people for first
--12 people for second
--Things going well
--Last talk today
--VI next week
--Sparse crowd
--People Jim didn't know talked to him for 1/2 hour
History of CSC talk went well
--Good variety of people
Pints with Profs
--NO CS Profs
--Only 1 E&amp; CE prof
--Only 2 Math profs
--Jim will harrass the profs at the School of CS Council meeting.
We're starting to fall behind in planning
RoShamBo rules
--Got a web site up
--Might have to move RSB back
--International site has a few test samples
--Stefanus had some ideas
--Coding will probably take an afternoon/evening
--We need volunteers to run the competition
--We have volunteers to code: Phil and Stefanus
ACTION ITEM: Phil and Stefanus
--code whatever you volunteered to code for.
--Mike intends to visit classes and directly advertise
--Email Christina Hotz
--GH guy: Mike has an abstract, will have posters by tomorrow
CSC Movie Night
--Mathnet, Hackers, Wargames, Tron
--Mike will get a room
--Will be closed member
Mike McCool is offering rooms for showing SIGGRAPH
-check with Mike McCool.
-Make posters for Movie Nights
When is other movie night? (Will plan some time in July)
Who is our foreign speaker?
Action Item: (Check name first) about
getting a foreign speaker -- Note: Has already been contacted.
Simon got money from Engsoc
Cass meeds coloured paper (CSC is out)
ACTION ITEM: Cass and Mark
--get labelmaker tape, masking tape,
whiteboard makers, coloured paper
--keep reciepts for CSC office expenses
NOTICE: Mike is now Imapd
Simon distibuted budget list
Mark got the money from Mathsoc for last budget, deposited it.
--Get MEF funding by July 4th (equipment)
--Get WEEF funding by June 27th (book)
Jim still working on allowing executives and voters to be
non-math members
We get free photocopying from MathSoc
--write down code for free photocopying from MathSoc
Simon has been able to get into the cscdisk account, still
looking into getting into the cscceo account.
Damien got an e-mail stating that the files for cscdisk are
out of date.
--provide SSH key to Phil for getting into cscdisk, cscceo, etc...
--Renumber bootup scripts for sugar and powerpc so that they
boot up happily.
ACTION ITEM: Mike needs to do all the plantops stuff again.
ACTION ITEM: Mike -- &quot;Stapler if you say please&quot; sign.
CVS Tree for CEO has been exported.
Damien has volunteered to finish CEO (found by Cass)
All books with barcodes have been scanned
All books without barcodes need to be bar-coded.
--Find a Credit-card with a $500 or less limit.
Note: There needs to be a private section in the
CSC Procedures Manual. (Only accessible by shell)
Stefanus Wanted to mention that we should talk to
Yolanda, Craig or Louie about a EYT event for Frosh Week.
@ -211,7 +328,183 @@ have for future courses. One and all are welcome!</p>
<eventitem date="2003-05-22" time="4:30 PM" room="MC3036 CSC Office" title="May 22 Exec Meeting">
<short>The execs discuss what needs discussion</short>
<p>I'll learn how to put the minutes here soon, I promise! -- Secretary</p>
Minutes for CSC Exec Meeting
May 22, 2003
* Add staff to burners group.
-- Only office staff (people who do stuff) on burners list
-- No objections from executives
* We still need a webmaster, imapd
-- Action Item: Mike
--Check for pop delivery services (Like Grocery Gateway)
so that we can replace imapd with an automated cronjob
-- If this gets implemented, we must make sure that
someone is around to receive the pop whenever it is
* Budgets
Action Item: Simon
-- Make sure execs receive a copy of the proposed budget
Action Item: Mark
-- Look into claiming money from Mathsoc for the last
--Will be looked over the week after next Monday at the Mathsoc
Budget meeting.
--June 27th is the WEF (Engineering Endowment Fund) deadline
--EngSoc proposal for donations by the end of the month
-- Around 15 events planned
--Foreign Speaker
--CS Departmant will pay for flight
-- We can pay local expenses
--Pints with Profs
*Changes in the MathSoc Clubs Policy
Action Item: Jim and Stefanus
--Bring thus up with MathSoc
--Might be good to talk to Bioinformatics about this, as
they have science faculty members to take care of as well.
--Major issue: People who revoke their Mathsoc fees can still be
voting members
--We want it so that only people who have paid dues to Mathsoc
can vote.
--Execs should not take back fees, as that is bad form.
--All execs unanimously agreed with this proposal
*Confirming that we have free printing and photocopying
Action Item: Mark
--Does Faculty of Math billing code apply to CSC
(as Faculty of Math department?)
-- Procedures manual has a billing code, but it should
be confirmed.
-- Ask MUO, then Shirley after that.
Action Item: Simon
--Apparently there is a special Watcard that provides
free printing from MFCF
--We do not know what account it is mapped to,
or the password.
* Getting csc_disk, csc, csc_ceo accounts on undergrad to work again.
Action Item: Phil
-- Get csc-disk back up for student use.
-- What group permissions do we need?
-- CSC-Disk should be used as a repository for custom
window managers, Mozilla, etc... (selling factor for
CSC accounts)
-- We should also have an announcement (MOTD, perhaps?)
that we are providing and supporting this software.
--Consider: Having university-wide accessible
binaries might be a pain, as different machines
might require different compilations.
-- CSC-Disk is full of user data. Should that be blown away?
*Getting locker #7 from MathSoc (Don't we already have lockers 788 and
--Why were the locks snipped? (Bring up at council meeting)
--We would prefer one combo-lock and one key-lock.
* Review of the CSC office organization
Action Item: Damien
--Give Mike sudo access for shutdown
--Will be rewiring stuff on Saturday
--involves re-plugging machines
Action Item: Simon
--Get rubber wheels for chairs
Action Item: Mike
-- Ask PlantOps about:
--Waxing floors
--Installing Electronic Lock (asap)
--According to Faculty of Math,
we shouldn't need keys.
--Currently, we still need keys
--It is kosher to install Electronic lock
--This provides access right control as
compared to key-control.
--Might be long term project.
--Will green men do it?
--Steam-clean chairs (at least once a term)
--Making ugly wall prettier
--PlantOps knows about office
organization, making environment better.
--Whiteboards need to be put up
--Proposal: Cork-board on pillar (no objections)
--Metal frames on Whiteboard will be in least annoying place
*Do we provide public stapler access?
--People are often unappreciative and rude
--Sign - "Stapler if you say please" -- Unanimously voted
stapler policy
*MathSoc Sign
--Action Item: Jim
--Find out where to get CSC sign before Monday so we
can claim it in old budget.
* Librarian's Report
--Action Item: Jim
--Find perl volunteer to finish CEO
--Force Stefanus to export CVS tree and put onto Peri
--Books were scanned into system with help of Mark
--All books with valid barcodes entered into system on
May 20th
--Books without valid barcodes are not in system
--Someone needs to do it
--Plan is to implement Dewey decimal system
--May be inefficient as all books are about CS
--We will figure out a system later
--No plans to purchase new books
--Librarian's Request: Office Staff should not lend out books
that do not have barcodes (No objects to request)
--We are still using /media/iso/request to track books
--Should be charge late fees for books?
--We should have money in budget for repairing,maintaining books
--Before spending money on maintaining books, check if DC will
do it
--will it be cheaper/easier/better?
*Setting up extra quota for fun and profit.
-- We don't implement quota properly right now
-- Low demand for extra quota
-- Counterpoint: Old CSC made tons of money
-- Counter-counter-point: It's not that necessary for extra
quota nowadays.
-- Executives voted against proposal.
*Jim will spam with an update about the term
--Consider making it opt-in
--One email from a service you are using should be considered
reasonable mass mailing
*Should Jim bring anything up at the MathSoc meeting?**
-- Has a list
* Student branches for ACM and IEEE
Action Item: Gaelan
--Contact IEEE Computing Society in UW and ask if they want
to merge or transfer society to us
--Simon volunteers to be put down as exec for ACM
--ACM rules state requirement that exec is a ACM member
--Do we renew Calum's ACM membership?
--Yes (3 Yes; 1 No; 1 Abstention)
--ACM membership money in budget
--ACM Student chapter form has not come in
* What to do with the donated Procedures Manual?
--Term Task for webpage:
--Put procedures manual on web-page.
--Merge with current manual
--We don't have a hard copy
--Would be a good thing to read.
--Many parts need updating