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<!-- Fall 2013 -->
<eventitem date="2013-11-23" time="TBD" room="Toronto, ON"
<eventitem date="2013-11-23" time="00:00 AM" room="Toronto, ON"
title="CSC Goes to Toronto Erlang Factory Lite 2013">
The CSC has been invited to attend this Erlang conference in Toronto. If
@ -4538,7 +4538,7 @@ title="The Future of 3D Graphics is in Software!">
</eventitem> -->
<eventitem date="2013-06-07" time="6:00 PM, 8:00PM" room="Comfy Lounge" title="Unix 101/ Code Party 0">
<eventitem date="2013-06-07" time="6:00 PM" room="Comfy Lounge" title="Unix 101/ Code Party 0">
We are offering a Unix tutorial on Friday, June 7th, 2013! Following the tutorial a code party will take place.
Bring your laptops and chargers for an awesome night of coding, hacking and learning.
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<eventitem date="2011-07-09" time="4 PM to 10PM" room="Columbia Lake Firepit"
<eventitem date="2011-07-09" time="4 PM" room="Columbia Lake Firepit"
title="CSC Goes Outside">
<short> <p> Do you like going outside? Are you
vitamin-D deficient from being in the MC too long? Do you think
@ -6079,7 +6079,7 @@ for Unix 103 and 104 that get much more in depth into power programming tools on
<eventitem date="2010-01-18" time="15:30 PM" room="MC2066" title="Wilderness Programming">
<eventitem date="2010-01-18" time="3:30 PM" room="MC2066" title="Wilderness Programming">
<short><p>Paul Lutus describes his early Apple II software development days, conducted from the far end of a 1200-foot power cord, in a tiny Oregon cabin. Paul describes how he wrote a best-seller (Apple Writer) in assembly language, while dealing with power outages, lightning storms and the occasional curious bear.