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<!-- Winter 2008 -->
<eventitem date="2008-01-23" time="5:00 PM" room="TBA" title="Creating Distributed Applications with TIPC">
The problem: coordinating and communicating between multiple processors
in a distributed system (possibly containing heterogeneous elements)
The open source TIPC (transparent interprocess communication) protocol
has been incorporated into the Linux kernel and is available in VxWorks
and, soon, other OSes. This emerging protocol has a number of
advantages in a clustered environment to simplify application
development while maintaining a familiar socket programming interface.
The service oriented capabilities of TIPC help in applications easily
finding required services in a system. The location transparent aspect
of TIPC allows services to be located anywhere in the system as well as
allowing redundant services for both load reduction and backup.
Learn about the emerging cluster protocol.
<eventitem date="2008-01-15" time="4:30 PM" room="Comfy Lounge" title="CSClub Elections">
Elections are scheduled for Tues, Jan 15 @ 4:30 pm in the comfy lounge.
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<!-- fall 2007 -->
<eventitem date="2007-10-19" time="5:00 PM" room="MC4058" title="General Meeting">