Election time decided

Michael Ellis 13 years ago
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<!DOCTYPE eventdefs SYSTEM "csc.dtd">
<!-- Fall 2010 -->
<eventitem date="2010-09-14" time="04:30 PM" room="Comfy Lounge" title="Elections">
<short><p>Fall term executive elections and general meeting.</p></short>
<!-- Spring 2010 -->
<eventitem date="2010-07-20" time="04:30 PM" room="MC2066" title="The Incompressibility Method">

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<newsitem author="m2ellis" date="2010-09-10">
Time for the election on September 14th has been decided. It will be held at 16:30 in the MC comfy lounge.
<newsitem author="m2ellis" date="2010-09-04">
Nominations for the fall term executives are now open. They will close on Sunday September 12. The election will be held on Tuesday the 14th.
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<newsitem author="mgregson" date="2009-06-18">
<h3>Do you text... do you iPod?</h3>
We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study on mobile
hand held device use and any related health or comfort troubles