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Michael Ellis 377c030706 closing f2010 nominations 13 years ago
about Fixing typo and flushing out MEF section. 14 years ago
buttons Changed talks page to have thumbnails and be awesome. 13 years ago
events Remove .html from internal links 16 years ago
flash New build system 16 years ago
library Make banner/logo go back to csc home 13 years ago
logos Remove content that indicates we are an ACM student chapter 16 years ago
media Stuff does not like colons ... messed up links. 13 years ago
news Remove sed xmlns hack 16 years ago
office fixed webcam page, acek->bit-shifter. 13 years ago
scripts Shitty hack to attempt to deal with 24-hour times properly in the future. 14 years ago
services we shouldn't list services we no longer provide 13 years ago
xsl Adding presentor name and making thumbnails clickable. 13 years ago
.gitignore No need to ignore .html, .atom, etc... as they are in build/ 16 years ago
Makefile Add robots.txt to Makefile 14 years ago Fix target dir 14 years ago
csc.dtd Large reorganization of the web site 16 years ago
csc_welcome.psd required by new look-and-feel 16 years ago
csclub.der Update certificate 14 years ago
csclub.pem Update certificate 14 years ago
default.css added a newline to the CSS becuase someone will be pedantic about it 13 years ago
directory.xml Fix link to stats 14 years ago
events.xml Election time decided 13 years ago
favicon.ico Restore broken favicon.ico 16 years ago
index.xml Remove extraneous whitespace 16 years ago
menu.xml Remove gallery2 14 years ago
news.xml closing f2010 nominations 13 years ago
robots.txt Forbid indexing of mailman 14 years ago
stats.html Switch mirror traffic/requests graphs. 13 years ago