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<cscpage title="CSC Machine Policy Summary, 15 February 1995">
<section title="Notes">
Policies for group accounts and administrative accounts are not yet
available (this section will contain links to them when they do become
available). This is a brief (instead of legalese) version of the
<a HREF="policy.shtml">usage policy</a>.
Everyone who receives an account on one of the CSC machines must sign
the agreement based on the usage policy, and this summary lists the
things that the users will agree to.
<section title="Summary">
<h3>Use of accounts:</h3>
<li>one person only</li>
<li>for hacking, not for course work or cracking</li>
<li>if you're not working on a specially authorized project, don't
abuse system resources</li>
<li>don't abuse other users, either</li>
<li>again, don't crack</li>
<li>your .rhosts file should only contain your user IDs on CSC and
MFCF machines</li>
<li>don't use passwords that you use elsewhere, and <em>never</em>
tell anyone your password</li>
<li>be secure!</li>
<li>if you find security holes, report them to the sysadmin but
don't blab or try to take advantage of them</li>
<h3>The Systems Committee may:</h3>
Examine programs that seem to be violating policy or security;
this includes the following <em>when necessary</em>
<li>watching what the program does</li>
<li>looking at the executable and source</li>
<li>looking at files that the program seems to be using</li>
(you will be informed if any of this happens)
<li>Remove accounts with an explanation but no notice (especially
if the user is violating the machine policy)</li>
<li>you are completely responsible for your actions</li>
<li>don't do illegal, damaging, or unethical things</li>
<li>the exec can change their policies with reasonable notice</li>
<li>CSC machines will not be up at all times, and may even crash
while you are using them</li>
<li>if CSC machines cause you to lose time, data, sleep or your SO,
then it's your own tough luck</li>