Python CSC Electronic Office

Updated 10 hours ago

Updated 2 days ago

Office Status Sensor

Updated 2 weeks ago

CSC Propaganda Files, posters, letterhead, brochures, and logos. Replaces csc-poster.git

Updated 3 weeks ago

Export merlin sync statistics into a format readable by Prometheus.

Updated 2 months ago

CSC Ansible Playbooks

Updated 2 months ago

Check whether our mirror packages are up to date.

Updated 2 months ago

Custom milter for CSC.

Updated 7 months ago

A dev environment for the mirror.

Updated 8 months ago

Miscellaneous Keycloak SPIs

Updated 9 months ago

Signed keyring of syscom members' public keys.

Updated 1 year ago

CSC Package List

Updated 1 year ago

Assorted FFMPEG scripts for compressing and cutting videos.

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 1 year ago