CSC Propaganda Files, posters, letterhead, brochures, and logos. Replaces csc-poster.git
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%%%% pj2melan made a replacement, a google doc drawing
%%%% it's colourful and laminated, email me at csclub
%%%% and i'll give you access!
\textbf{\fontsize{50}{65}\selectfont Greetings, program!}
We're a Club for \textbf{Computer Science} (the Computer Science Club).\\
This is our \textbf{office}, if we're open you can come in and say hi. Maybe
get \textbf{snacks}, have some \textbf{free tea}, and talk about your midterm.\\
If you have any suggestions for snacks, drinks, or teas, add them to the
list of suggestions on the whiteboard.\\
If you're interested in our \textbf{tutorials}, \textbf{talks}, or
\textbf{free food} events, check out dat fancy Facebook
page (\texttt{}), or sign up to be a \textbf{member} by
asking someone inside!