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Membership in the Computer Science Club is open to anyone in the University of
Waterloo community, costs \$2 per term, and may be paid in
advance. Members have lots of benefits, and support our events. In particular,
they have access to club services such as our computing environment, web
hosting, office, pop fridge, and library.
The CS Club office can be found in MC 3036/3037. It houses the library, members
during our business hours, the pop fridge, and of course, five office
computers. It is open most any hour of the night and day and populated by
helpful and friendly office staff.\\[5mm]
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Each term, the CSC runs numerous acadamic and social events.
These events run the gamut from socials, the most infamous being the
end-of-term dinner, CTRL-D; through tutorials and workshops; to talks
from professors and Computer Science luminaries. Some talks from the past
include Bill Gates in 1989 (before he was famous), John McCarthy in 1994 (he
created LISP), and more recently, Richard Stallman, Gerald Sussman, and Herb
The Computer Science Club provides several services to its members, including
a computing environment with all the fixings, a library of literature, and an
office to use it all in.
\subsection*{Computing Environment:}
The main benefit CSC members enjoy is access to our various machines. Our
primary development machine, {\tt high-fructose-corn-syrup}, is a quad AMD
Opteron (64 cores in total) with 192 GB of RAM. Most of our network is on
gigabit ethernet. We offer all members 4 GB of disk quota that is accessible
from all of our machines.\\[-3mm]
Members also receive a {\tt *} email address,
accessible via IMAP and webmail.\\[-3mm]
Many of members take advantage of our web hosting service. Our web server runs
a LAMP stack, and has most any modern software you might need for your
website needs.
The CSC maintains an extensive collection of Computer Science related books in
our office. Members are free to borrow most of the books in the library,
with the exception of certain signed copies and course textbooks.
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If you would like to get involved with the club there are various ways to
volunteer your time, beyond running for an executive position. If you'd like
to sign up the info below will tell you who to email, or you can just ask
in person at our office.
\subsection*{Programme Committee}
Headed by the Vice President, the Program Committee organizes club events and
meetings, works with speakers and presenters to make sure they're happy, gets
the venues and equipment ready, and does everything else involved in running talks.
If you'd like to get involved contact the Vice President at
\subsection*{Systems Committee}
If systems administration is more your passion, and you would like to help run
the CSC's systems contact the Systems Administrator at
{\tt} and join the Systems Comittee. The volunteers
help keep our computing environment up, under the Administrator's
In addition to our two large committees there are several other ways to be
involved, talk to the executive about one of the appointed positions:
librarian, office manager, webmaster, or ask the office manager about joining
the office staff. In addition to these named positions we can always use a
helping hand, so email {\tt} and tell us what you can
For more information about the club, visit our website at {\tt}. You'll find our wiki and other resources there.
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\section*{Club Quick Info}
\item[Website:] {\tt}
\item[IRC Channel:] {\tt \}
\item[Newsgroup:] {\tt}
\item[Office:] MC 3036/3037
\item[Phone:] (519)-888-4567 x33870
\item[Executive E-Mail:] {\small\tt}
\item[Facebook:] Waterloo Computer Science Club
\item[Twitter:] {\tt @watcsc}
\item[Reddit:] {\tt csclub}
\item[Chairbeing:] Calum T. Dalek
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