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# csc-syscom-keyring
This is a signed keyring containing the public keys of active syscom members.
This can be used for e.g. verifying their GPG signatures, sending them
encrypted email, etc.
## Importing the keyring
gpg csc-syscom-keyring.gpg
gpg --import csc-syscom-keyring
## Updating the keyring
If you have modified your own key or added someone else's key, make sure
to update the `keys` variable in the script.
Then run:

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@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ keys="${keys:+${keys}} BE6273738E616D6D1B3A08E8A21A020248816103" # bandali
keys="${keys:+${keys}} 7D0B1775E2626DD899D20BEDDECA0C9D30ED9FE3" # ehashman
keys="${keys:+${keys}} 8E5568ABB0CF96BC367806ED127923BE10DA48DC" # merenber
keys="${keys:+${keys}} E024E07230AFD30042CBE964EF125080E702F60F" # ztseguin
keys="${keys:+${keys}} 64C2FB18E10475229FFF25D1F058DF982DB42F9D" # r389li
printf '\n'