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Zachary Seguin bef72d94b1 Package for stretch and buster 2018-04-15 14:11:30 -04:00
Elana Hashman acb9056f2a Package for xenial 2017-04-25 22:40:55 -04:00
Elana Hashman cad70a69ab Packaging updates, release for stretch 2017-04-25 22:37:24 -04:00
Sean Hunt e344a9b7b7 Package for saucy. 2013-12-05 15:57:09 -05:00
Luqman Aden d49335c1e1 Packaging for jessie. 2013-10-10 22:12:52 -04:00
Jeremy Roman f977ba592d debian changelog update for 1.10 2013-09-07 14:09:16 -04:00
Jeremy Roman 146946c36c make pam_csc not explode when the syscom group does not exist 2013-09-07 14:07:46 -04:00
Owen Smith 0ae69c11b0 packaging for quantal 2013-05-25 20:00:33 -04:00
Peter Barfuss 7d9c83f483 Made it so that syscom is checked in instead of earlier in the PAM stack.
This way syscom can still login when their accounts expired, but messages are still printed. This should hopefully stop the whole 'wait crap I wasn't registered for the past k terms', k>=1 that has been happening semi-frequently for a bunch of syscom members.

Also added #define LDAP_DEPRECATED to get access to a bunch of function prototypes for functions in the LDAP API that are apparently now deprecated.

Also removed the CSCF cruft. In case we ever do need it again, we can vacuum it out from past commits. Or just rewrite it from scratch, especially considering that I doubt CSCF uses that auth backend anymore and some 2/3ds of all functions involved are deprecated according to the latest release of the OpenLDAP API. Or rather, the latest according to Debian, which means it's ~3 years out of date and the functions might very well not even exist anymore (they do exist, I checked, but point still stands. There's no real point to keeping this stuff around, I don't think it was ever operational at any point in the wild, even).

2013-01-23 21:36:57 -05:00
Jeremy Roman c67071af30 Merge /tmp/libpam-csc
2012-03-16 18:11:29 -04:00
Jeremy Roman 5d2c863008 build for precise 2012-03-16 18:05:14 -04:00
Jeremy Roman 3e145e942c build for oneiric 2012-01-18 18:23:36 -05:00
Michael Spang 80007d3ca1 Build for maverick 2010-10-22 10:08:47 -04:00
Michael Spang d8beeaa83f Updates for squeeze 2010-10-13 13:53:38 -04:00
David Bartley 9861c1c504 Remove extra whitespace and renamed EXPIRED #define's 2008-05-02 09:31:09 -04:00
David Bartley 909d745fb1 Define LDAP_DEPRECATED 2008-04-16 04:52:30 -04:00
David Bartley 7f7add3837 libpam-csc 1.8 2008-04-15 09:01:10 -04:00
David Bartley 2511c63ec5 Build fixes 2008-04-15 08:59:41 -04:00
David Bartley 9a3002a4c7 libpam-csc 1.7 2008-01-17 21:22:11 -05:00
David Bartley 4c006b194b Only allow 1 month grace period 2008-01-17 21:18:54 -05:00
David Bartley 6c0d709cfa Merge /users/git/mspang/libpam-csc 2007-12-20 18:24:45 -05:00
David Bartley dfd96bd305 Allocate less memory 2007-12-20 17:49:59 -05:00
Michael Spang 5a8a865ef9 Don't bail early if a member has no term attributes 2007-12-20 17:48:08 -05:00
Michael Spang 00f183800f Add nonMemberTerm support 2007-12-20 17:43:39 -05:00
Michael Spang 0986989791 Ignore stamps and debian/libpam-csc 2007-12-20 17:43:35 -05:00
David Bartley aac047a5cf Fix typo 2007-12-20 17:23:22 -05:00
David Bartley f2f8a3d036 Fix sasl bug 2007-12-06 00:42:09 -05:00
David Bartley 77002ff66a Check for correct uid range 2007-10-29 23:23:01 -04:00
David Bartley b2ad8796fb Update comment about checking for thin client 2007-10-28 20:11:40 -04:00
David Bartley a3ad4d5a86 Check that conv and conv->conv are non-null (fixes cron segfault) 2007-10-14 02:02:56 -04:00
Michael Spang f0a4d22670 Add some const to fix warnings 2007-09-23 03:13:47 -04:00
Michael Spang 76236f1e9d Ignore *.o and *.so 2007-09-23 03:12:33 -04:00
David Bartley cfae89482a Update some comments 2007-09-17 17:33:23 -04:00
David Bartley db927a6684 Use DIGEST-MD5 instead of GSSAPI. 2007-08-23 22:22:37 -04:00
David Bartley 89463b4460 Added allowed usernames check
Ignore entries without the objectClass=member attribute
2007-08-10 02:44:40 -04:00
David Bartley d6c554d5de Optimized querying by using single query and using asynch functions
Added preliminary code for detecting CS accounts
Refactored variable names to use underscores instead of camel-case
Prefixed helper functions with pam_csc_
Added -g to compiler flags
2007-08-08 18:59:10 -04:00
David Bartley 015bb49c08 Removed hardcoding of URI. 2007-07-23 16:16:05 -04:00
David Bartley 0e727788cb Initial checkin. 2007-07-06 01:36:29 -04:00