A couple of TODOs added

John Ladan 9 years ago
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commit a5a242530c
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@ -7,12 +7,12 @@ Regex Search
Choose shown columns in browser
Support for multiple copies
- (better support, that is)
- some way of identifying the physical ones with the virtual ones
Search function in db_layer
- eventually something which takes things like "title:foo author:bar some other keywords"
_Code Quality Improvements_
Make the various windows centre themselves
Document all functions
Conform to python naming conventions and code style
Make db_layer use a helper function to handle most of the database queries
@ -37,3 +37,6 @@ Support UTF-8 for everything
Search ignores Case (for lowercase search strings)
Text entry supports longer string
Home and End navigate to top and bottom of catalogue respectively.
Support for multiple copies
- books will have their book_id written in pencil on inside cover