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Patrick Melanson 73bbf6bb33 Use currently-logged-in user to authenticate for mass email sending.
Basically, this commit removes email sending code that asked the
user for a CSC username and email to authenticate to an SMTP server
to send a mass email. Now, we just use the system utility 'sendmail'
to do it, which means you don't have to enter in your email creds
to send a mass email once you're already logged in.

2017-08-28 16:51:14 -04:00
Patrick Melanson c812a6634e Quality-of-life improvements to email reminders.
-Tweaked email body wording
-Added To: field
-Added librarian@ as a recipient of reminder emails
-Added a confirmation that emails were sent
-Added ability to cancel email sending (by using cancel button)
-Added a nice confirmation dialog at the end of sending
 reminder emails to keep the librarian's hopes up
2017-07-29 16:46:41 -04:00
Charlie Wang bff0abf3aa Refactor email reminder code
- Pull out email generation into a new module so that the email
message itself can be tested.
- Add a "backdoor" for the email login screen that writes emails to
text files under test_emails/ instead of sending them.
- Add a GNU expect script to automate email reminder testing using
the above features.
2017-02-04 12:21:05 -05:00
Connor Murphy 6ed3c35554 Added ability for libcom to send emails to those with overdue books 2017-02-04 00:24:15 -05:00
Felix Bauckholt 1abaec4b0a Slight changes to make adding books more pleasant 2016-03-19 19:06:35 -04:00
Felix Bauckholt 3487b66393 Categorizing and uncategorizing based on selection
Now, in any book browser window, you can add every
selected book to one category.

When you are browsing the books in a category, you
can remove every selected book from that category.
2016-03-12 21:02:43 -05:00
Felix Bauckholt 19b8869134 Button-only forms, including BookView
The checkout process should be way more convenient

Also, when viewing books (by pressing Enter), you
can see their categories and see if they're
checked out.
2016-02-06 16:44:34 -05:00
Felix Bauckholt da52809b4d Added error messages for the checkout process
Now, it's impossible to sign out stickered books
2016-02-06 16:41:27 -05:00
Felix Bauckholt 9b9e95be69 UI improvements
Some are obvious and urgent (like adding *one*
category instead of one for every letter), some
are debatable (like changing the window size and
the scrolling behavior).
2016-02-06 16:17:51 -05:00
Felix Bauckholt 1690ac87a8 Add "error windows", stop crashing when editing empty list of books 2016-02-06 16:17:44 -05:00
Felix Bauckholt 89c66c8188 Made it possible to view uncategorized books
Also "specialized" lists of books (categorized, on
shelf, checked out, uncategorized) don't revert to
the main book list when refreshing.
2016-02-06 16:13:27 -05:00
Felix Bauckholt 91f1ff9c55 In which I, Felix Bauckholt, assert my dominance
by changing the spacing.

Also by fixing the category window size.
2016-01-24 01:27:47 -05:00
Gianni Gambetti bc2d865520 checkout success/failure for integrity error, and database move 2015-05-11 12:42:49 -04:00
Gianni Gambetti 85ace8ab4c Fixed category sorting for books ('c' on a book), found SQLite error on checking out books 2014-10-19 14:20:08 -04:00
John Ladan 985355d780 Moving code about for packaging 2013-12-18 20:31:27 -05:00