Check whether our mirror packages are up to date.
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# Mirror Checker
This mirror status checker determines whether CSC mirror is up-to-date with upstream.
## How To Run
A configuration file may be provided through standard input. Without a configuration file, execute `python`. By default, all the available distributions will be checked. With a configuration file, execute `python <`, for example, `python <`. In this case, only the distributions listed in the configuration file will be checked.
## Resources
- [CSC Mirror](
- [Debian Mirror Status Checker](
- [Debian Mirror Status Checker Code](
if we can just view their repo online, we only have to remember the link for their repo and then check the latest timestamp in their repo the same way we check ours
even if the date relies on a specific file in their repo, we can still find the right link for it
to find repos of the mirrored projects to check, just search "projectName mirrors"
ubuntu releases:
ubuntu mirrors:
raspbian mirror:
1 year ago
mxlinux: (scrap the last day?)
linuxmint: no public repo
1 year ago
linuxmint-packages pool:
macPorts: only distfiles has public repo, no timestamp, too large to loop through
1 year ago
NetBSD: has public repo, no timestamp, web directory hard to loop through, no mirror tracker
1 year ago
opensuse: has public repo, a possible timestamp called latest in history, our mirror doesn't have this file tho, no mirror tracker
puppylinux: has public repo, no timestamp, too hard to loop through, not likely to have a mirror tracker
racket: no public repo, no timestamp, no mirror status tracker
raspberry pi: currently no public repo, no timestamp, no mirror status tracker
sagemath: don't know how to deal with this, it's a website
salt stack: don't know how to deal with this, it's a website
scientific: would be easy to scrape the mirror status page, except that csc is not listed here
ubuntu-ports-releases: has public repo, no timestamp, no status tracker no timestamp, but candidate for brute force looping since it has few folders, no status tracker
Xiph: no timestamp, too big to loop through, no status tracker
1 year ago
1 year ago
mxlinux-iso: this one seems out of sync on the official tracker for 134 days, which is weird
1 year ago
raspbian: snapshotindex.txt is most likely a timestamp, tho i'm not sure. also i think our mirror is completely outdated, it's not listed on official mirror list
slackware: checking using the last updated date here, don't know if it's entirely accurate
trisquel: out of date website!? please recheck this!!!
ubuntu-ports: checks the file, which appears to be a timestamp (check it to make sure!!!)