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@ -39,15 +39,18 @@ class trisquel(Project):
if href not in hrefs2:
return False
elif cls.checker(site1+href, "Release") > cls.checker(site2+href, "Release"):
# print(cls.checker(site1+href, "Release"))
# print(cls.checker(site2+href, "Release"))
# print(cls.checker(site1+href, "Release") > cls.checker(site2+href, "Release"))
return False
return True
def check_iso(cls, site, mirrors):
for mirror in mirrors:
# print(cls.checker(site, "md5sum.txt"))
# print(cls.checker(mirror, "md5sum.txt"))
if cls.checker(site, "md5sum.txt") < cls.checker(mirror, "md5sum.txt"):
print(cls.checker(site, "md5sum.txt"))
print(cls.checker(mirror, "md5sum.txt"))
return False
return True