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Build Status

This folder contains the code for merlin (which does the actual syncing) and arthur (which sends commands to merlin).

Check out the the mirror env for a testing environment


go build merlin.go

Then configure merlin-config.ini and run using ./merlin

Nice Features To Add

  • detect if an rsync process is stuck (watch the stdout/stderr of the rsync processes)
  • get the config or the rsync commond that a repo will sync with using a cli tool
  • improve conversion from exit status enum to string
  • sort arthur status by last time synced
  • last sync runtime, time until next sync
  • when sync fails, then make a copy of the rsync logs


  • add bwlimit option for each rsync process
  • write process manager
  • save state (last attempted time, last attempted status) for each repo, and restore state on startup (e.g. use JSON/INI file for each repo)
  • calculate difference between the scheduled time of a job and the time at which it actually ran; log this
  • add all repos to merlin-config.ini (*)
  • handle termination signals in merlin (SIGINT, SIGTERM); close stopChan for this
  • listen on Unix socket in merlin
  • implement arthur.go (commands: sync and status)
  • allow dynamic reloading in merlin
  • use separate log file for each child process (currently sharing stdout/stderr with parent)
  • implement zfssync in merlin (just invoke the existing Python script)