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@ -355,13 +355,14 @@ if @general-use {
octave-secs1d octave-secs2d octave-signal octave-specfun
octave-splines octave-statistics octave-strings octave-struct
octave-symbolic octave-time octave-tsa octave-vrml octave-zenity
octave-pfstools octave-plplot octave-sp;
octave-pfstools octave-plplot;
# These don't exist in precise.
@!lenny @!precise
install octave-ad octave-combinatorics octave-ftp octave-ident
octave-informationtheory octave-irsa octave-multicore octave-nlwing2
octave-outliers octave-pdb octave-simp octave-sockets octave-symband;
octave-outliers octave-pdb octave-simp octave-sockets octave-symband
# xml
install xsltproc libxml2-utils docbook-xsl docbook-utils docbook-dsssl