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# vim:tw=78:sw=4
if @core {
# shells
install bash zsh dash ksh tcsh csh rc bash-doc zsh-beta bash-completion
zsh-doc zsh-beta-doc bashdb;
# editors
install ed vim nano;
# words
install wamerican-insane;
# utils
install acl screen less lsof bc dc psmisc procps htop
schedtool pciutils usbutils rsync;
# compression
install bzip2 gzip pax lzma @!lenny xz-utils cpio;
# terminals
install ncurses-bin ncurses-term;
# network
install iputils-ping iputils-arping traceroute telnet
iproute ethtool dnsutils whois wget netcat-openbsd netcat6
@!container ntp vlan bridge-utils tcpdump tshark
ftp tftp;
# package management
install aptitude dselect unattended-upgrades;
# crypto
install gnupg;
# sudo
install sudo-ldap;
# ssh
install ssh fail2ban;
# documentation
install manpages info;
# logging
install rsyslog;
# safety
install molly-guard;
# mail
install @mta postfix @!mta ssmtp;
# physical machine (non virtual server)
if @machine {
install lm-sensors smartmontools hwinfo lshw @armel mtd-utils
@x86 acpid @x86 acpi @x86 @!lucid @!ubuntu acpi-support-base
@!sparc @!mips @!alpha @!mipsel kexec-tools @x86 vbetool fbset
@x86 read-edid;
@amd64 install linux-image-amd64/linux-image;
@i386 install linux-image-686/linux-image;
@sparc install @!nosmp linux-image-sparc64-smp @nosmp linux-image-sparc64;
@powerpc install linux-image-powerpc;
@alpha install linux-image-alpha-smp;
@mips @sodium-citrate install linux-image-r5k-ip32;
# container (virtual server)
if @container {
remove udev initramfs-tools pm-utils radeontool acpid ntp;
if @auth-core {
install @!lenny nslcd libnss-ldapd ldap-utils libpam-krb5 krb5-user
ldapvi libsasl2-modules-gssapi-mit;
install nscd;
install libpam-csc;
if @nfs-core {
install nfs-common quota;
if @devel-core {
# essentials
install build-essential gcc g++;
# debian pckages
install dpkg-dev devscripts debootstrap dupload fakeroot;
# build systems
install make autoconf automake;
# debugging tools
install strace gdb elfutils;
# scripting
install perl python;
# documentation
install manpages-dev;
if @devel-full {
# essentials
install gcc-doc cpp-doc
binutils-doc binutils-multiarch
glibc-doc @!ubuntu glibc-doc-reference
@!alpha gcc-multilib;
# debugging
install libc6-dbg/libc6.1-dbg gdb-doc
@x86 valgrind
@x86 ltrace;
# profiling
install libc6-prof/libc6.1-prof;
# assembly
@x86 install bin86 nasm yasm;
# scanning and parsing
install flex flex-doc bison bison-doc ragel
byacc re2c;
# build systems
install make-doc ccache ant ant-optional scons qt4-qmake
autogen autoconf-doc autoconf2.13 automake1.9
automake1.9-doc autotools-dev autoproject kbuild;
# version control
install git-core git-email git-cvs git-svn git-arch git-doc
git-buildpackage mercurial subversion subversion-tools
darcs bzr bzrtools cvs cvsps wdiff
colordiff patch patchutils quilt tig diffstat
@X gitk
@X git-gui;
@!quantal install diff xxdiff;
@quantal install diffutils;
@office @!precise install tkdiff;
# debian
install debhelper dh-make dh-make-perl dh-buildinfo dbs cdbs dpatch
kernel-package lintian alien po-debconf pbuilder dpkg-repack;
# i18n
install gettext;
# testing
install dejagnu check;
# code browsing
install doxygen exuberant-ctags;
# editing
install indent;
# c/c++
install cutils stl-manual;
# c#
install mono-complete mono-devel mono-profiler
mono-tools-devel @X mono-tools-gui;
install mono-vbnc;
# java
install openjdk-6-jdk;
# haskell
install ghc6 ghc6-doc @!lenny haskell-platform;
# ocaml
install ocaml camlp4;
# perl
install perl-doc;
# python
install python-all-dev python-m2crypto python-mysqldb
python-imaging python-libxml2 python-libxslt1 python-numpy
python-numpy-doc python-twisted python-support
python-openssl python-pexpect python-pyasn1
python-pysnmp4 python-sqlobject python-subversion
python-urwid python-xmpp drpython ipython pylint pychecker
pyflakes python-beautifulsoup python-chardet
python-kerberos python-mako
python-pyme python-rpm python-selinux
python-setuptools python-simplejson python-sqlite
python-sqlitecachec python-urlgrabber
@x86 jython @x86 jython-doc;
@office install python-cups python-notify python-tk;
# ruby
install ruby ruby-dev rubygems rake ruby1.9/ruby1.9.1
# llvm
install @!lenny clang llvm-2.9/llvm llvm-2.9-dev/llvm-dev;
# scheme
install mit-scheme-doc chicken-bin
@!lucid @!maverick @!squeeze guile-1.8-dev tinyscheme
@!lenny @x86 scheme2c @!lenny scheme9
@x86 stalin
@x86 plt-scheme
@wheezy/sid/oneiric/precise racket racket-doc;
# tcl/tk
install tcl tcl-dev tcl8.5;
@office install tk tk-dev;
# lua
install lua5.1 lua5.1-doc luadoc;
# misc scripting
install swig gawk mawk m4;
# misc languages
install gfortran gforth erlang erlang-dev beef intercal/clc-intercal
php5-cli rhino @x86 sbcl;
# AVR toolchain
@office install gcc-avr binutils-avr gdb-avr avrdude avrdude-doc simulavr
avarice avr-libc avra avrp uisp usbprog avrprog;
# development libraries
install comerr-dev e2fslibs-dev libcap-dev
libattr1-dev libacl1-dev libselinux1-dev libpcre3-dev python-dev
libapt-pkg-dev linux-libc-dev libgnutls-dev libkrb5-dev
libreadline6-dev/libreadline5-dev libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev
libghc6-mtl-dev libghc6-mtl-prof libghc6-mtl-doc
libghc6-network-dev libghc-parsec3-dev/libghc6-parsec-dev
libboost-dev zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev
libexpat1-dev libglib2.0-dev libgmp3-dev libsasl2-dev libsctp-dev
libsqlite3-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev ss-dev
mesa-common-dev uuid-dev libprotobuf-c0-dev libprotobuf-dev @amd64
ia32-libs libffi-dev libidl-dev libelf-dev libdw-dev libaudit-dev
install xorg-dev libgtk2.0-dev libqt4-dev
libsdl1.2-dev freeglut3-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev
@!precise @!quantal gnome-core-devel libgnome-dev/libgnome2-dev
libghc6-x11-dev libghc6-x11-prof libghc6-x11-doc libgtkmm-2.4-dev;
# gui tools
@X install glade xutils-dev;
# integrated development environments
@X install eclipse monodevelop;
@X @!quantal install monodevelop-python monodevelop-vala monodevelop-java;
# cross toolchains
@squeeze @x86
install gcc-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi
# miscellaneous
install chrpath openmpi-bin openmpi-doc protobuf-compiler
if @general-use {
# editors
install nvi bvi wily
@X vim-gnome;
# crypto
install gnupg-agent gnupg2 openssl;
# network
install @!precise ipset ipcalc iftop nmap openipmi @x86 ipmitool cdpr lksctp-tools
iptables ebtables arptables tsocks @!lenny freeipmi-tools
lftp ncftp axel
@X wireshark;
# web
install w3m links elinks lynx curl;
# typesetting
install groff texlive-full dvi2ps dvipng dvidvi djvulibre-bin
@X lyx;
# filesystems
install sshfs dosfstools;
install fuse-utils davfs2 cloop-utils @x86/powerpc fuseext2;
# printing
install ghostscript psutils
@X gv
@X ghostscript-x;
# databases
install sqlite3 sqlite3-doc postgresql-client mysql-client
# compression
install unzip unrar sharutils cabextract p7zip p7zip-full p7zip-rar
arj unace ncompress zoo xdelta bsdtar bsdcpio;
# ssh
install pssh @X clusterssh dsh;
# documentation
install texinfo texi2html asciidoc jade jadetex openjade wv iso-codes
man2html help2man info2man docbook2x txt2man;
# spelling
install aspell-en ispell myspell-en-us iamerican;
# emacs
install tuareg-mode ocaml-mode
@X emacs22-gtk/emacs23-gtk @!X emacs22-nox/emacs23-nox;
# math
install graphviz r-recommended euler euler-doc gnuplot-doc
gap lp-solve mathomatic maxima maxima-doc
@!X gnuplot-nox
@X gnuplot-x11
@X rocs;
# octave
install octave/octave3.2/octave3.0
install octave3.2-emacsen/octave3.0-emacsen
install octave-audio octave-benchmark octave-communications-common
octave-communications octave-control octave-data-smoothing
octave-econometrics octave-epstk octave-financial octave-fixed
octave-fpl octave-ga octave-general octave-gsl octave-image
octave-io octave-linear-algebra octave-mapping octave-miscellaneous
octave-missing-functions octave-nan octave-nnet octave-nurbs
octave-ocs octave-octcdf octave-octgpr octave-odepkg octave-optim
octave-optiminterp octave-pkg-dev octave-plot
octave-secs1d octave-secs2d octave-signal octave-specfun
octave-splines octave-statistics octave-strings octave-struct
octave-symbolic octave-tsa octave-vrml octave-zenity
octave-pfstools octave-plplot;
# These don't exist in precise.
@!lenny @!precise
install octave-sockets;
@!lenny @!precise @!quantal
install octave-ad octave-combinatorics octave-ftp octave-ident
octave-informationtheory octave-irsa octave-multicore octave-nlwing2
octave-outliers octave-pdb octave-simp octave-symband octave-sp;
@!lenny @!quantal
install octave-parallel octave-time;
# xml
install xsltproc libxml2-utils docbook-xsl docbook-utils docbook-dsssl
docbook-xml docbook-to-man xmlto fop opensp sgml2x sgmltools-lite
sp tidy xalan;
# multimedia
install festival ffmpeg dvgrab cdparanoia genisoimage sox mp3blaster
@!squeeze @!wheezy x264 mkvtoolnix vorbis-tools @!alpha mencoder;
@X install mplayer vlc cheese;
@office install dvd+rw-tools lame twolame cdrdao dvdrip wodim;
@audio install timidity;
# images
@x-core install enblend enfuse hugin-tools;
# torrents
install rtorrent
@X amarok;
# communication
install mutt alpine tin irssi
@squeeze/lucid/maverick bsd-mailx procmail centerim fetchmail
nn slrn spamassassin trn4
@lenny @!squeeze @!alpha pine;
# utilities
install rdiff tofrodos mc socat snmp @!lenny snmp-mibs-downloader
@!lucid @!maverick busybox-static/busybox
@lucid/maverick busybox-static uboot-mkimage most
bonnie++ latencytop time bsdmainutils dctrl-tools @!quantal ddrescue
gddrescue file parchive par2 realpath reportbug rpm shtool smbclient
stow xstow sysstat unison john iotop sg3-utils attr dstat
@!container i2c-tools rstat-client dnstracer parted tree apt-file
makepasswd @x86 syslinux finger fdupes bchunk cowsay 9base
# serial
install minicom cu;
# virtualization
install @!corn-syrup @!alpha qemu
@corn-syrup qemu-system
@corn-syrup qemu-user;
# club management
@csclub @amd64
@!natty @!wheezy @!precise
install ceo-python;
if @x-core {
# base
install xserver-xorg xfonts-base;
# utils
install xauth xsel gksu sux;
# terminal emulators
install xterm rxvt rxvt-unicode gnome-terminal;
# web browsers
install firefox/iceweasel google-chrome-stable;
if @X {
# utils
install workrave;
# terminal emulators
install yakuake;
# window managers
install xmonad stumpwm wmii;
# widgets
install xmobar;
# fonts
install @!precise console-terminus xfonts-terminus gsfonts gsfonts-x11
ttf-dejavu @!quantal ttf-opensymbol @quantal fonts-opensymbol
# office
install scribus gimp xfig dia inkscape;
install @!quantal @quantal libreoffice;
# messaging
install pidgin pidgin-otr empathy;
# browsers
install thunderbird/icedove epiphany-browser
@!lenny midori flashplugin-installer;
# multimedia
install audacity @!ubuntu kstreamripper audacious lmms k3b
@!lenny ardour imagemagick blender gthumb eog;
# documents
install fontforge xpdf evince djview4;
# images
install hugin;
# geometry
install carmetal;
# cad
install xtrkcad @!lenny freecad pythoncad;
# gnome
install gnome-themes-extras gnome-themes-standard gnome-themes-ubuntu
rhythmbox gnome-rdp @precise gnome-session-fallback;
# kde
install @!kdebase kdebase-runtime kdeutils
@lenny/squeeze kde-core @!lenny kdebase-workspace;
# xfce
install xfce4;
# electronics
install geda arduino ngspice bristol cl-rlc electric
gerbv gnucap gpsim gsmc gspiceui gtkwave linsmith
oregano pcb pcb-gtk @!quantal qucs tkgate xcircuit xsmc-calc
kic kicad;
# virtualization
install virtualbox-ose;
# miscellaneous
install gucharmap gmrun dzen2 xserver-xephyr xtightvncviewer
@lenny/squeeze wine;
if @core {
# no games
remove gnome-games nethack-common;
# evil packages
remove pulseaudio avahi-daemon evolution-data-server
@ubuntu ureadahead lirc joe mlocate locate pidentd
@ubuntu gnome-keyring;
# useless packages
remove winbind @!audio timidity @!lenny modemmanager
libpam-ldap @!lenny libpam-ldapd
@!office isc-dhcp-client/dhcp3-client
@!lenny blcr-dkms
@!squeeze @!lenny @!wheezy apparmor @!squeeze @!lenny packagekit
# X-only packages
@!x-core remove fam gamin hal pidgin dbus dbus-x11 xfonts-100dpi;
# full X-only packages
@!X remove consolekit @!alpha policykit-1 gvfs @!alpha udisks;
# static network only
remove network-manager-kde network-manager-pptp
network-manager-pptp-gnome network-manager
@webcam install motion;