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Nick Guenther 15 years ago
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@ -9,9 +9,11 @@ import shelve
import time
import re
LIBRARY_DB = "./csc_library.db"
#LIBRARY_DB = "/users/ceo/library/books.db"
LIBRARY_DB = "./csc_library.db" #testing location
def format_maybe(v):
"""little hack to make printing things that may come out as None nicer"""
if v is None:
return "unknown"
@ -78,26 +80,40 @@ def search(author=None, title=None, year=None, signedout=None):
whichever ones passed in that aren't None are the restrictions used in the search
possibly-useful side effect of this design is that search() just gets the list of everything
this is extraordinarily inefficient, but whatever (I don't think that without having an indexer run inthe background we can improve this any?)
returns: a list of Book objects
returns: a sequence of Book objects
db =, 'c', writeback=True) #open it for writing so that changes to books get saved
all = db.values() #this should pull out the ID numbers somehow too.. bah
if author is not None:
all = [book for book in all if and,] #should factor this out
if title is not None:
all = [book for book in all if book.title and, book.title)] #should factor this out
if year is not None:
if type(year) == int:
year = [year]
#now assume year is a list
all = [book for book in all if book.year and book.year in year]
if signedout is not None:
if signedout:
all = [book for book in all if book.signout is not None]
all = [book for book in all if book.signout is None] #aaah copypaste
if type(year) == int:
year = [year]
def filter(book):
"""filter by the given params, but only apply those that are non-None"""
#this code is SOOO bad, someone who has a clear head please fix this
#we need to apply:
b_auth = b_title = b_year = b_signedout = True #default to true (in case of None i.e. this doesn't apply)
if author is not None:
b_auth = True
b_auth = False
if title is not None:
if, book.title): #should factor this out
b_title = True
b_title = False
if year is not None: #assume year is a list
if book.year in year:
b_year = True
b_year = False
if signedout is not None:
b_signedout = signedout == (book.signout is not None)
return b_auth and b_title and b_year and b_signedout
for i in db:
book = db[i]
yield i,book
return all
#def delete(....):

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