ignore UserAlreadySubscribedError
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@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ from typing import Union, List
from zope import component
from ..AbstractTransaction import AbstractTransaction
from ceo_common.errors import UserAlreadySubscribedError
from ceo_common.interfaces import IConfig, IMailService
from ceo_common.logger_factory import logger_factory
from ceod.model import User, Group
@ -92,6 +93,8 @@ class AddMemberTransaction(AbstractTransaction):
yield 'subscribe_to_mailing_list'
except UserAlreadySubscribedError:
except Exception as err:
logger.warning('subscribe_to_mailing_list failed:\n' + traceback.format_exc())
yield 'failed_to_subscribe_to_mailing_list: ' + str(err)