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Daniel Sun 010937ea17 Add group lookup functionality (#88)
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing Details
note: **I am unaware of best practices** but I tried my best to keep changes consistent with the codebase

feedback would be much appreciated

notable changes:
**new api endpoint**: `/groups/search` -- I moved searching into the api so it could be used in tui and cli, also seemed like a good idea to keep the json response as small as possible
**tui searching** -- at first I wanted to make this realtime interactable, but the work required seemed inappropriate to a feature I am assuming will only be used sparingly

Co-authored-by: Daniel Sun <>
Co-authored-by: Daniel Sun <>
Reviewed-on: #88
Reviewed-by: Max Erenberg <>
Co-authored-by: Daniel Sun <>
Co-committed-by: Daniel Sun <>
2023-03-04 01:21:04 -05:00
Max Erenberg b543f0eb0c Rewrite TUI (#52)
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing Details
Closes #44.
Closes #47.
Closes #49.
Closes #50.

The TUI has been rewritten using urwid instead of asciimatics. The MVC pattern was also used to help increase organization and readability.

The mouse has been disabled, which allows users to easily copy text from the terminal.

Terms are now sorted when displayed, for both the CLI and the TUI.

Reviewed-on: #52
2022-05-22 14:09:46 -04:00
Max Erenberg ee21873ad7 implement membership renewals in TUI 2021-09-06 16:40:05 +00:00