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Michael Spang 31c05d869f Remove remnants of SQL interface 2007-10-26 00:09:53 -04:00
Michael Spang f1702130d7 Bump version to 0.3.1 2007-10-05 10:18:06 -04:00
Michael Spang e0bdf2bb1e Add python-urwid to dependencies 2007-10-05 10:14:59 -04:00
Michael Spang 6e363a0ea9 Update config defaults for usergroups 2007-10-05 02:53:45 -04:00
Michael Spang b4661a2642 Adjust ID ranges in 2007-10-05 02:30:46 -04:00
Michael Spang eb94abed9b addhomedir: invalidate the group table too
We were doing `nscd -i passwd`. Do `nscd -i group`
as well, just for good measure.
2007-10-05 02:26:53 -04:00
Michael Spang 3b21e23249 Add create club account menu item
This option should probably only be used by
systems-committee, there are several steps
that need to be formed after the accout is
2007-10-05 02:22:01 -04:00
Michael Spang d3e7fa1707 Spawn nscd, don't exec()
We were replacing the process with nscd. Oops.
2007-10-01 18:08:04 -04:00
David Bartley 2025df30a6 Make addhomedir call 'nscd -i passwd' 2007-09-28 00:28:07 -04:00
Michael Spang e057560c7d Clear status in pop_window() 2007-09-25 04:35:15 -04:00
Michael Spang 739b6cb319 Bump version to 0.3.0 2007-09-25 04:24:59 -04:00
Michael Spang 588f90b082 Add experimental urwid-based GUI 2007-09-25 04:24:49 -04:00
Michael Spang 299c25d610 Rip out studentid support 2007-09-16 00:52:05 -04:00
Michael Spang 394784afde Unbreak termusers in ceoquery. 2007-07-16 22:28:57 -04:00
Michael Spang 3147e35356 Increase widths of UI windows. 2007-07-16 19:57:53 -04:00
Michael Spang 89276f899b PgSQL to LDAP transition - Complete
With this commit, the PostgreSQL database is no longer
used by CEO. All term and member information are now
retrieved and saved to the LDAP directory.
2007-07-16 09:01:29 -04:00
Michael Spang 396779cee2 Fix typo in 2007-07-16 06:02:56 -04:00
Michael Spang ecbf7ca1e9 Ignore build files in .gitignore files. 2007-07-16 06:02:25 -04:00
Michael Spang e33d483f22 Include in by default. 2007-07-07 18:34:46 -04:00
Michael Spang 2d87af2d69 New release (0.2.4).
Updates in this version:

  * Added csc.schema.
  * Vim-style keybindings for CEO menus.
  * Bug fix: call setreuid(euid, euid) in csc-chfn and csc-chsh.
  * Bug fix: run less in "secure" mode.
  * Renamed package to ceo.
2007-05-28 02:17:11 -04:00
Michael Spang 09f7cfe827 Switching Python module dependencies to current package names. 2007-05-28 01:45:08 -04:00
Michael Spang a4b046de48 Run less in "secure" mode. 2007-05-23 17:04:18 -04:00
Michael Spang d95790285d Call setreuid(euid, euid) in csc-chfn and csc-chsh on setup
This fixes an important bug in these utilities, in that
they didn't actually work for regular users.
2007-05-05 01:33:05 -04:00
Michael Spang ca33addaf1 Update to GIT-HOWTO and INSTALLING docs 2007-05-04 15:10:37 -04:00
Michael Spang 5f8c0656a1 Make 'studentid' attribute optional for members
Many members in the database have NULL studentids, so requiring
this attribute makes migration of those accounts impossible.
2007-05-04 15:09:58 -04:00
Michael Spang 645429b6e3 Add dependency on python-pam. 2007-05-03 18:07:51 -04:00
Michael Spang 697c1dda33 Accept 'j' and 'k' for 'down' and 'up' in CEO menus. 2007-04-30 17:43:47 -04:00
Michael Spang 1e1529567f Install csc.schema with the package. 2007-02-18 22:12:23 -05:00
Michael Spang 1780d49db0 New release (0.2.3).
Updates in this version:

  * Added "ceoquery", a utility to retrieve lists of members and users.
  * Added "csc-chsh" and "csc-chfn" utilities.
  * Bug fix: build_gecos() did not include enough commas between fields.
  * Member attributes are now added to LDAP as well as the PgSQL database.
2007-02-18 21:56:36 -05:00
Michael Spang 6ab575ec9e Merge branch 'ldap' 2007-02-18 21:50:51 -05:00
Michael Spang 7b81a13f78 PgSQL to LDAP transition - Phase 1: Added LDAP support for member data.
This is the first major update for the PgSQL to LDAP transition. We will be
deprecating the members table in PostgreSQL and moving that information into
the LDAP directory.

With this commit, all newly created members will have their attributes added
to LDAP in addition to the members table in the database. The database is still
used as the canonical source of this information: the information in LDAP is
kept up-to-date but almost never referenced.
2007-02-18 21:50:35 -05:00
Michael Spang a8268ce266 Changed 'studentid' attribute from integer to IA5 string in schema. 2007-02-18 21:50:35 -05:00
Michael Spang 89608a751c Updated OIDs of schema to reflect assignment of PEN 27934 to the CSC. 2007-02-18 21:50:35 -05:00
Michael Spang fec9e2f580 Added CSC LDAP schema. 2007-02-18 21:50:34 -05:00
Michael Spang c2912751d8 Added csc-chsh and csc-chfn to build and install scripts. 2007-02-18 21:30:46 -05:00
Michael Spang 4a4342c8d7 Improved error handling in LDAP module. 2007-02-15 01:53:51 -05:00
Michael Spang 7a37d80e3e Updated LDAP backend tests. 2007-02-14 00:38:56 -05:00
Michael Spang 8c8e748ca8 Added "csc-chsh" and "csc-chfn" utilities. 2007-02-04 07:04:38 -05:00
Michael Spang 9097dd8738 Update of setuid cleanup code. 2007-02-04 00:46:05 -05:00
Michael Spang bb84794a27 Added "ceoquery", a utility to retrieve lists of members and users. 2007-02-02 21:45:24 -05:00
Michael Spang 8815949899 Bug fix: build_gecos() did not include enough commas between fields. 2007-02-02 21:27:50 -05:00
Michael Spang c5c59197e6 Added list_all() to members module. 2007-02-02 20:29:55 -05:00
Michael Spang 40e6f013be New release (0.2.2).
Updates in this version:

  * Added "addhomedir", a utility to create home directories for new users.
  * Bug fix: CEO still referenced an exception that changed name in 0.2.
  * Documentation updates.
2007-01-29 01:53:14 -05:00
Michael Spang 2828ed6997 Added "addhomedir", a utility to create home directories for new users. 2007-01-29 01:42:42 -05:00
Michael Spang 8577703511 Docstring update: documented parameters and exceptions of 2007-01-28 22:54:56 -05:00
Michael Spang 45aef63d2b Added octal support to configuration module. 2007-01-28 21:27:16 -05:00
Michael Spang 5b4d603d25 Minor update of getting started documents. 2007-01-28 06:06:34 -05:00
Michael Spang 665080e71a Docstring update: fixed exception list of accounts.create() 2007-01-28 02:01:46 -05:00
Michael Spang ec08d4326f Bug fix: CEO ( still referenced an exception that changed name in 0.2 2007-01-28 01:58:57 -05:00
Michael Spang 2343c0b08b New release (version 0.2.1).
Updates in this version:

  * Added docs/GIT-HOWTO and docs/INSTALLING
2007-01-28 01:38:33 -05:00