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Max Erenberg de0f473881 add base classes for users and groups 2021-07-19 05:47:39 +00:00
Max Erenberg 0c6dc18085 update mailman path to use virtualenv 2021-05-18 01:52:09 -04:00
Max Erenberg b5dda1df3d decrease minimum username length from 3 to 2 2021-05-02 18:12:44 -04:00
Zachary Seguin df5f61ffd0 Update check_email to handle hosts without an A record (either AAAA only or MX only) 2017-05-01 17:36:05 -04:00
Felix Bauckholt 4b0db35899 Replace the stub of the library with a system call to "librarian" 2016-02-19 21:57:54 -05:00
Sean Hunt 5cf982e8d5 Remind users that club accounts are free. 2014-07-22 14:25:33 -04:00
Michael Spang dcc2222816 Fix default selection of next button
This used to work until urwid tried to start becoming smart about
which widget gets focus. Revert back to the dumb behavior.
2011-09-27 09:38:03 -04:00
Michael Spang 37a662540e Allow CM club to disable mailman subscription
This features breaks CMC ceo.
2011-09-17 16:28:49 -04:00
Jeremy Roman 0b3c9d835b tell ceod when it is a club rep; club reps don't need the new member email 2011-08-26 03:13:14 -04:00
Marc Burns 3c61210328 Fix library check in and search bug. 2011-03-04 16:54:48 -05:00
Marc Burns 9b1e068894 Modified ceo/urwid/ to display message when book search yields no results. 2011-02-28 13:18:01 -05:00
Jeremy Roman 5dfb716d11 fixed bug reported by jdonland 2010-09-26 22:34:08 -04:00
Jeremy Roman 9ebd8d910f adding users to csc-general 2010-09-25 01:00:27 -04:00
Jeremy Roman e33c483d3a squeeze support 2010-09-24 21:19:36 -04:00
Jeremy Roman 6193168b2d add new members for multiple terms 2010-09-24 21:11:36 -04:00
Jeremy Roman 046c0aa4f5 tab support finally lands in ceo 2010-09-24 20:31:00 -04:00
Jeremy Roman 28ca744cff add Office Manager position to positions list 2010-09-14 17:56:52 -04:00
Michael Ellis 1d0dbe3774 Added phpmyadmin URL to mysql info file 2010-08-19 14:24:05 -04:00
Michael Ellis 1d73841693 No more office/syscom entries. Check if group is valid 2010-06-18 21:03:17 -04:00
Michael Ellis 67b56af44c Don't use uwdir emails for expired accounts since we ask for ~/.forward adress now. 2010-06-18 18:54:34 -04:00
Michael Spang d02ee89728 Fix expiredaccounts
Also make it only send to accounts expired within the last 3 terms (a year).
2010-01-19 01:10:41 -05:00
Michael Spang 1d647d49b3 Remove ternary operators
This removes complains by python-support on lenny.
2009-12-14 19:34:16 -05:00
Jeremy Roman 6f0c920435 added ability to use first letter of menu items 2009-11-24 12:42:49 -05:00
Michael Spang c0d9e7f3c7 Add CLI version of mysql thing 2009-11-02 20:18:55 +00:00
Michael Spang c00668b914 Clarify email forwarding upon renewal 2009-10-24 11:45:18 -04:00
Michael Spang 5c3d5e861c Force redraw after status thing 2009-09-16 18:30:35 -04:00
Michael Spang 5606ef01e5 Add status thing 2009-09-16 17:32:11 -04:00
Michael Spang 2d023e6ec4 Blacklist orphaned/expired from updateprograms 2009-09-10 19:11:14 -04:00
Michael Spang 15bbfd0e07 Kill mathsoclist
We can't reliably filter the membership list, because we don't know who has
paid the MathSOC fee. Better to leave MathSOC to do this. In the case that they
to not verify the list then mathsoclist puts us at a disadvantage, as other
clubs likely do not filter their lists.
2009-09-10 18:59:22 -04:00
Michael Spang c51107ae2b Write mysql file to ~club 2009-09-10 15:56:52 -04:00
Michael Spang 8c1eb0a911 Move some code 2009-09-10 14:40:17 -04:00
Michael Spang 8ebe625e5f Clarify search operation in menu 2009-09-10 14:12:50 -04:00
Michael Spang 2552bc2243 Add mysql database stuff 2009-09-10 07:33:32 -04:00
Michael Spang ac79cd6e64 Kill Bartle's hybrid 2009-09-09 06:58:56 -04:00
Michael Ellis c931a6bedb Fixed Library: Added signing to AWS requests. 2009-09-08 17:04:44 -04:00
Michael Spang 0413dcaaa4 Add labels to main menu
Most of CEO is restricted to office staff or worse, but anyone can run
it. This add labels to make necessary privileges clear to the user.
2009-08-23 15:40:22 -04:00
Michael Spang 35179ec978 Add UI for email forwarding
We nag users to update their forwarding address every time they renew
2009-08-23 13:40:08 -04:00
Jacob Parker 4c1a7f8ee4 Merge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/git/public/pyceo 2009-08-22 16:16:21 -04:00
Jacob Parker dd895884a9 Creates a .forward file for users if they enter an email. 2009-08-22 16:09:12 -04:00
Michael Spang c4cb1a3b29 Clean up password prompt 2009-08-22 15:05:56 -04:00
Michael Spang b1e054e5b9 Add some reminders
Note that the list of members we send to MathSoc to determine our
budget uses data from UW ldap. Thus we should be doubly sure people
sign up using their UW userid.
2009-08-06 02:35:45 -04:00
Michael Spang 4ee16577aa Disallow realname = username in GUI 2009-08-06 01:41:02 -04:00
Michael Spang e6e673447e Use ceoc directly in the gui 2009-08-06 01:39:33 -04:00
Michael Spang e3555e5b74 Build python protobuf 2009-08-06 00:46:18 -04:00
Michael Spang 5ce11709ff Merge commit 'public/master' into ceod 2009-07-29 13:29:42 -04:00
Michael Spang ad30f9c47a Insanify configuration files 2009-07-29 13:08:53 -04:00
Michael Spang e210f7d38b Remove unused vars 2009-07-29 09:00:55 -04:00
Michael Gregson 4720fcd252 Added comments containing code to add new members to a mailing list using listadmin.
Left to do:
  - create mailing list
  - create and publish listadmin config file
  - update code to use listadmin config file
  - uncomment code
  - ponder implications of listadmin config file (security)
2009-06-17 20:33:42 -06:00
Michael Gregson 8805756a5e Fixing overdue check. 2009-03-11 03:20:12 -04:00
Michael Gregson 1f9607b3a0 Fixing library search shit. 2009-03-11 03:15:48 -04:00