Python CSC Electronic Office
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import click
from zope import component
from ceo_common.interfaces import IConfig
from ..utils import http_post, http_put, http_get, http_delete
from .utils import Abort, handle_sync_response, print_colon_kv'Perform operations on the CSC cloud')
def cloud():
pass'Manage your cloud account')
def account():
@account.command(short_help='Activate your cloud account')
def activate():
cfg = component.getUtility(IConfig)
base_domain = cfg.get('base_domain')
resp = http_post('/api/cloud/accounts/create')
lines = [
'Congratulations! Your cloud account has been activated.',
f'You may now login into https://cloud.{base_domain} with your CSC credentials.',
"Make sure to enter 'Members' for the domain (no quotes).",
'Please note that your cloud account will be PERMANENTLY DELETED when',
'your CSC membership expires, so make sure to purchase enough membership',
'terms in advance. You will receive a warning email one week before your',
'cloud account is deleted, so please make sure to check your Junk folder.',
for line in lines:
click.echo(line)'Manage cloud accounts')
def accounts():
@accounts.command(short_help='Purge expired cloud accounts')
def purge():
resp = http_post('/api/cloud/accounts/purge')
result = handle_sync_response(resp)
click.echo('Accounts to be deleted: ' + ','.join(result['accounts_to_be_deleted']))
click.echo('Accounts which were deleted: ' + ','.join(result['accounts_deleted']))'Manage your virtual hosts')
def vhosts():
@vhosts.command(name='add', short_help='Add a virtual host')
def add_vhost(domain, ip_address):
body = {'ip_address': ip_address}
if '/' in domain:
raise Abort('invalid domain name')
click.echo('Please wait, this may take a while...')
resp = http_put('/api/cloud/vhosts/' + domain, json=body)
@vhosts.command(name='delete', short_help='Delete a virtual host')
def delete_vhost(domain):
if '/' in domain:
raise Abort('invalid domain name')
resp = http_delete('/api/cloud/vhosts/' + domain)
@vhosts.command(name='list', short_help='List virtual hosts')
def list_vhosts():
resp = http_get('/api/cloud/vhosts')
result = handle_sync_response(resp)
vhosts = result['vhosts']
if not vhosts:
click.echo('No vhosts found.')
pairs = [(d['domain'], d['ip_address']) for d in vhosts]