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Add group lookup functionality (#88)
note: **I am unaware of best practices** but I tried my best to keep changes consistent with the codebase

feedback would be much appreciated

notable changes:
**new api endpoint**: `/groups/search` -- I moved searching into the api so it could be used in tui and cli, also seemed like a good idea to keep the json response as small as possible
**tui searching** -- at first I wanted to make this realtime interactable, but the work required seemed inappropriate to a feature I am assuming will only be used sparingly

Co-authored-by: Daniel Sun <>
Co-authored-by: Daniel Sun <>
Reviewed-on: #88
Reviewed-by: Max Erenberg <>
Co-authored-by: Daniel Sun <>
Co-committed-by: Daniel Sun <>
2023-03-04 01:21:04 -05:00
.. add documentation (#22) 2021-10-05 00:07:10 -04:00 update security section of docs 2022-03-12 15:50:42 -05:00
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redoc-static.html Implement TUI support for multiple users in each position (#80) 2023-01-23 02:26:13 -05:00



We are using OpenAPI 3.0 to document the REST API for ceod, and Redoc to generate HTML documentation from the OpenAPI file.

First, make sure you have Node.js and npm installed. Then, install the Redoc CLI:

npm install -g redoc-cli

After you make changes to the openapi.yaml file, make sure to regenerate the HTML:

redoc-cli bundle openapi.yaml

You can now view the redoc-static.html file from your browser.

Man pages

We are using scdoc to generate our man pages. You can view the pages from your terminal like so:

scdoc < ceo.1.scd > ceo.1
man ./ceo.1