Python CSC Electronic Office
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import click
from ..utils import http_post
from .utils import handle_sync_response, print_colon_kv
@click.command(short_help="Sync the 'program' attribute with UWLDAP")
@click.option('--dry-run', is_flag=True, default=False)
@click.option('--members', required=False)
def updateprograms(dry_run, members):
body = {}
if dry_run:
body['dry_run'] = True
if members is not None:
body['members'] = ','.split(members)
if not dry_run:
click.confirm('Are you sure that you want to sync programs with UWLDAP?', abort=True)
resp = http_post('/api/uwldap/updateprograms', json=body)
result = handle_sync_response(resp)
if len(result) == 0:
click.echo('All programs are up-to-date.')
if dry_run:
click.echo('Members whose program would be changed:')
click.echo('Members whose program was changed:')
lines = []
for uid, csc_program, uw_program in result:
csc_program = csc_program or 'Unknown'
csc_program =, fg='yellow')
uw_program =, fg='green')
lines.append((uid, csc_program + ' -> ' + uw_program))