Python CSC Electronic Office
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import os
import requests
from zope import component
from ...utils import write_db_creds
from ..ResultView import ResultView
from ceo_common.interfaces import IConfig
class CreateDatabaseResultView(ResultView):
def show_result(self, resp: requests.Response):
password = resp.json()['password']
db_type = self._model.db_type
db_type_name = 'MySQL' if db_type == 'mysql' else 'PostgreSQL'
db_host = component.getUtility(IConfig).get(f'{db_type}_host')
user_dict = self._model.user_dict
username = user_dict['uid']
filename = os.path.join(user_dict['home_directory'], f"ceo-{db_type}-info")
wrote_to_file = write_db_creds(
filename, user_dict, password, db_type, db_host)
self._add_text(f'{db_type_name} database created.', center=True)
self._add_text((f'''Connection Information:
Database: {username}
Username: {username}
Password: {password}
Host: {db_host}'''))
if wrote_to_file:
self._add_text(f"These settings have been written to {filename}.")
self._add_text(f"We were unable to write these settings to {filename}.")