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from typing import List, Dict, Union
from zope.interface import Interface
from .IUser import IUser
from .IGroup import IGroup
class ILDAPService(Interface):
"""An interface to the LDAP database."""
def uid_to_dn(self, uid: str) -> str:
"""Get the LDAP DN for the user with this UID."""
def group_cn_to_dn(self, cn: str) -> str:
"""Get the LDAP DN for the group with this CN."""
def get_user(username: str) -> IUser:
"""Retrieve the user with the given username."""
def get_display_info_for_users(usernames: List[str]) -> List[Dict[str, str]]:
Retrieve a subset of the LDAP attributes for the given users.
Useful for displaying a list of users in a compact way.
def get_users_with_positions(self) -> List[IUser]:
"""Retrieve users who have a non-empty position attribute."""
def add_user(user: IUser):
Add the user to the database.
A new UID and GID will be generated and returned in the new user.
def remove_user(user: IUser):
"""Remove this user from the database."""
def get_group(cn: str, is_club: bool = False) -> IGroup:
"""Retrieve the group with the given cn (Unix group name)."""
def add_group(group: IGroup):
Add the group to the database.
The GID will not be changed and must be valid.
def remove_group(group: IGroup):
"""Remove this group from the database."""
def entry_ctx_for_user(user: IUser):
Get a context manager which yields an ldap3.WritableEntry
for this user.
def entry_ctx_for_group(group: IGroup):
Get a context manager which yields an ldap3.WritableEntry
for this group.
def add_sudo_role(uid: str):
"""Create a sudo role for the club with this UID."""
def remove_sudo_role(uid: str):
"""Remove the sudo role for this club from the database."""
def update_programs(
dry_run: bool = False,
members: Union[List[str], None] = None,
Sync the 'program' attribute in CSC LDAP with UW LDAP.
If `dry_run` is set to True, then a list of members whose programs
*would* be changed is returned along with their old and new programs:
('user1', 'old_program1', 'new_program1'),
('user2', 'old_program2', 'new_program2'),
If `members` is set to a list of usernames, then only
those members will (possibly) have their programs updated.
On success, a list of members whose programs *were* changed will
be returned along with their new programs, in the same format
described above.