Python CSC Electronic Office
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set -ex
. .drone/
# set FQDN in /etc/hosts
add_fqdn_to_hosts "$(get_ip_addr $(hostname))" phosphoric-acid
add_fqdn_to_hosts "$(get_ip_addr auth1)" auth1
add_fqdn_to_hosts "$(get_ip_addr coffee)" coffee
# mail container doesn't run in CI
if [ -z "$CI" ]; then
add_fqdn_to_hosts $(get_ip_addr mail) mail
export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive
apt update
apt install -y netcat-openbsd
auth_setup phosphoric-acid
# initialize the skel directory
shopt -s dotglob
mkdir -p /users/skel
cp /etc/skel/* /users/skel/
# create directories for users
for user in ctdalek regular1 exec1; do
mkdir -p /users/$user
chown $user:$user /users/$user
sync_with coffee
if [ -z "$CI" ]; then
sync_with mail